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TES School Improvement Goals for 2022-2023

Our School Improvement Team and our TES Staff have voted on the following school improvement goals for the 2022-2023 school year. 

1). Overall Achievement Goal: Thanksgiving Elementary School will increase our growth, and our Overall Performance Composite by 7 percentage points from 63.1% to 70% by June 2023 (A4.01, B3.03, E1.06). Reading from 57% to 65% and Math from 62.5% to 70%. Science from 85% to 87%.  

2). Subgroup Performance Goal: Thanksgiving Elementary School will improve our overall proficiency of students in the following subgroups: Black student subgroup from 41.5% to 46.5% by June 2023; Students with Disabilities subgroup from 25% to 35% by June 2023; English Language Learners subgroup from 35.7% to 40.7% by June 2023 (A4.01, B3.03, E1.06). 

3). Social and Emotional Learning Goal:Thanksgiving Elementary School will increase our students’ perception of Sense of Belonging from 70% to 80% through the implementation of strategies from Capturing Kids’ Hearts by June 2022 (A4.06, B3.03).