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Spirit Week

CTLA is having a Spirit Week!

4/21- CTLA students, show your school pride by wearing our school colors (purple and grey) or any CTLA merch you own to show support during the 2023 CTLA vs ECA match

4/24 - Dress as a star athlete or star student

4/25 - Dress like you live on a ranch (cowboy hats, boots, jeans, belt buckles, etc.) or a spoiled rich kid.

4/26 - It's Teen Beach Movie all over again!

4/27 - Find a partner and dress in rhyme!

Ex. smurf that likes to surf, mermaid and nurse aid, slay or nay, banana and Princess Diana

4/28 - Dress in the color of your grade so we can see who has the most grade pride!

  • 9th- Green
  • 10th- Blue
  • 11th- Red
  • 12th- Pink
  • 13th- Black