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Student Highlights


Brianna Reid is a competitive gymnast and a standout on her competition team. Their competition season is January through May.  They have to get a certain all around score at at least one of their season meets to qualify to go to the State Championship meet.  Then, at the State Championship meet they have to get a certain all around score at that one meet to qualify to go to the Regionals Championship meet.  She qualified for both this past competition season in 2019.  At the state meet, she got 1st place on Bars with a score of 9.650.  Then, at the regionals meet, she got 2nd place all around for her age group with a total score of 37.550 (highest possible being 40).  She and her team work really hard.  They practice 15-17 hours per week all while juggling school, church, family, etc..


ava grace  

NC Honors Chorus Auditions: For the middle schools, 125 schools had kids audition and 69 schools are represented. 153 kids were selected for the middle school chorus out of 705 that auditioned and only 39 were chosen (six in AG's soprano category) from the east. Our very own, Ava Grace Jernigan made the cut! Way to go Ava Grace!

Can’t forget to give Percy a shout out as well for helping her out!