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Athletes of the Month


Month of September: 
Robert Bailey- Robert consistently goes above and beyond in all aspects of his life. He is a leader both on and off the field, who consistently helps his teammates and classmate improve and overcome any adversity they might face. He is not afraid to make a mistake, and always strives to be better at everything he does. Not only is he a Scholar athlete but is a true representation of The Phantom Way. We are proud to have him as a team mate and classmate.
Madison Carter- Madison is the captains of the team. She brings enthusiasm to each practice and game. She is a perfectionist and continually strives to improve both speed and technique. Moreover, she consistently coaches other players in both their technique and their game strategies.
Month of October:
Alex Corranza- Alex, represents all the qualities you want in a young man. Alex gives his all to his team and his school. Alex is quiet and soft-spoken but his leadership speaks volumes. Alex will become a two-time scholar-athlete. Alex's work ethic is impeccable. Alex often volunteers to assist his classmates once he has completed his assignments. Alex leads in the classroom, he works with all his classmates to help them understand the content that is being taught. On the field, He is a leading scorer for the Phantoms. Alex plays both offense and defense and on special teams. Alex earned a captain's title while on the team. Alex ensured that all teammates were in the correct position, to yield the best outcome for his team. Alex never took a playoff as in his everyday life he gave a 100% effort in everything he does. Alex never expects any recognition for all his great effort. He does it because he knows he is an example to his younger family members. We are so proud of Alex and thanks for all your hard work young man The sky is the limit for Alex Carranza. He represents The Phantom Way and what all phantom athletes strive to become.
Kenzie Adams- She brought her best with every game and practice. She not only worked to improve upon herself but also her fellow teamates as well. Even when coming up short of success she stayed positive and lead by example. This athlete is a leader amongst her teamates and has grown tromendously as a leader this season.
Month of December:
Girls Basketball- Madison Carter is a leader both on the court and within the classroom setting. She is the backbone of our team. We are successful partly because of her attitude during practice and games. The girls look to her to keep a level head but also lead the team to victory. Madison also strives to better herself academically and puts others needs first in doing whatever it takes to make others successful. We are proud to announce Madison Carter as our Female Athlete of the Month for Benson Middle School. 
Boys Basketball- Micheal leads both on the court of play and within the classroom setting. With each practice Micheal has worked to overcome the trial of Flex Positioning, where he has been assigned to various positions within the offensive and defensive scheme which in turn has truly showcased his ability to lead in almost every offensive and defensive setting for his team. Within the classroom setting, Micheal works daily to not only improve upon his own academic success but also takes time to work with other students around him to help them achieve academic success as well. We are proud to recognize Micheal Johnson as our Male Athlete of the Month for Benson Middle.
Month of January:
Girls Basketball- Ashley Mellenthin Ashley is an 8th grader but this is only her second year ever playing, she has had to battle for a position to play and has even advanced enough to have a starting position at some games.Ashley always has great communication skills, she helps the younger players by telling them where to go when we go over plays and is constantly encouraging others to be better. Whether Ashley is on the bench or in the game, she is constantly bringing her teammates up, keeping them on track and reinforces a positive mindset on the team.
Boys Basketball- Asa is our first defender in our half court press, and was also assigned on ball defender at all times this month. This new responsibility is very tiring and mentally tasking, but Asa not only overcome this challenge but did so in style almost doubling his forced turnovers. Asa leads each practice with effort, and compassion for his teammates' success. Throughout the month Asa has taken advantage of helping other athletes grow in their understanding of plays, and also push them to work harder each day.