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Tacarrus Bodrick - Classified Employee of the Month

Tacarrus Bodrick

Floating Custodian

Riverwood Elementary

There are not enough words to describe how incredibly lucky Riverwood Elementary is to have Tacarrus Bodrick, also known as “Mr. T”, caring for the school.

Mr. T starts his day at 6am and leaves at 6pm, despite teachers and staff trying to talk him into lessening his hours. He does this because he takes such incredible pride in ensuring the school campus looks good and is safe for staff and students. 

He will never be heard complaining, and no matter what he is asked to do or how many tasks he is asked to juggle, he does it with a smile. There are very few people who have the incredible work ethic that Mr. T possesses. He can be counted on for anything at any time. 

As a "floating" custodian, Mr. T is not permanently assigned to Riverwood Elementary. However, one would never know it. He has Riverwood Ram pride all the way, and represents everything Johnston County Public Schools wants in its employees. He is the epitome of hard work and self-motivation. His passion and kindness is why Riverwood Elementary is so very lucky to have him.