Comet Academy

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    Comet Academy runs from 2:30 - 6:30

    Melinda Whitley, Director of Comet Academy

    Hilary Holtzhauser Comet Academy Counselor 


    COMET Academy FAQ

    What is a Choice Hub?

    The Choice Hubs were developed for Johnston County Public Schools (JCPS) students who want a choice in their education or are assigned to earn a diploma in a non-traditional setting.  Enrollment is limited, and priority is based on teacher/counselor recommendation with administrator approval.  In order to be considered for Choice Academy, students must be currently enrolled in JCPS.

    Where is the COMET Academy?

    The Choice Hubs are held on the campuses of Clayton High School, South Johnston High School, and Smithfield-Selma High School. The one as CHS is called COMET Academy. COMET Academy meets daily from 2:30 to 6:30 pm with the exception of the first and last weeks of school, early release days, and the day prior to a holiday.  The first shift of school at the Choice Hub sites ends at 2:00 to allow for transition time.

    Are traditional services such as lunch and transportation provided?

    A meal is offered each day at COMET Academy. Students must fill out applicable forms and bring money if required just as in traditional school. Transportation is provided to the Choice Hub location within specific attendance boundaries. If a student wants to attend a Choice Hub other than the one in the attendance boundary, transportation is not provided.

    Can students participate in extracurricular activities such as band and athletics?

    Yes. If a student chooses to attend and is accepted, they are eligible. For athletics, students are eligible as a student of that school.  Students must transfer prior to the first day of practice for the specific sports season. Students who transfer mid-season will not be eligible until the start of the next sports season. Students who decide to transfer back to their original base school will be eligible for sports for the next sports season.

    Students assigned to a Choice Hub are not eligible for athletics. After 45 days the assigned student may request to be eligible by requesting reassignment to the Choice Hub. At such time a case by case analysis will be held to determine the student’s eligibility.

    Do students have access to CTE and AP courses enrolled in a Choice Hub?


    Can a Choice Hub be utilized for transcript enhancement?

    Yes. Transportation is not provided and schedules will be personalized by student.

    How do I enroll to attend a Choice Hub?

    A new enrollment packet is NOT needed. First, there must be meeting with the base school and the Comet Academy team.  Then, a reassignment request should be completed and the applicant should choose Choice Hub. Once approved, students and/or families should schedule an appointment with the Comet Academy Counselor to create a schedule specific to the student’s needs.

    Can middle school students request to attend a Choice Hub?

    No. Middle school students may not request a Choice Hub. At this time, Choice Hubs are only setup for high school students. Middle school students may be assigned by the district through the disciplinary process.

    My student was enrolled automatically into a Choice Hub, can I choose a different site?

    No. Assigned students may only attend the Choice Hub site designated by the district.