School Improvement Plan

*Low-performing identification continues pending assessment data from the 2023-2024 school year.


Overall Proficiency

By June 2024, WCES will improve the overall content proficiency from 56.1% to 61.1%.  Math from 50.8% to 55.8%, Reading from 54.5% to 59.5%, and Science from 74% to 79%. (A 4.01, B 3.03, E 1.06) 

Subgroup Performance

By June 2024, WCES will increase the overall proficiency for students in our Students with Disabilities (SWD) subgroup by 15.3% to 30%. We will increase EL Progress from 44.7% to 49.7% (A4.01, B3.03, E1.06)

Social-Emotional Learning

By June 2024, WCES will improve students' social emotional skills by 5 percentage points in the area of self management from 65% to 70% (A4.06 and B3.03).

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SIT Members

Suzan Puttkamer and Susan Kelley

Kindergarten Teachers

Kerin Knapp and Mandy Hatley

EC Teachers

Allyson Felts

1st Grade Teacher

Kim Sigmon

School Counselor

Lisa Dougal and Regina Richardson

2nd Grade Teacher

Susan Saunders

STEM Teacher/Technology

LaChandle Nowling

3rd Grade Teacher

Meagan McFarland

Parent Representative

Samantha Groeschel

4th Grade Teacher

Tamara Seelig

ESL Teacher

Eugene Wheeler

5th Grade Teacher

Paige Barnes


Sarah Willoughby

Assistant Principal

Karen Lee

Media Coordinator

Katy Wyborny

Instructional Coach

Amy Eads

Instructional Coach

Heather Wolf

Instructional Coach

Samantha Woodman

Instructional Coach

Tammy Williams

Dean of Students