JCPS Remote Learning Plan

  • Dear Parents, Families, and Guardians,

    Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate an unprecedented situation in our school system. As families, we know you have many questions surrounding your child’s learning based on the current school closure and the extension through May 15.

    In JCPS, our priority continues to be the safety and health of our students. As we navigate the many challenges our school communities face with remote learning, we are committed to providing our students with the opportunity to continue learning.

    When schools closed suddenly, our system created a multi-phase instructional plan that would keep our 38,000 students engaged in learning while we received further guidance from state and federal officials regarding this constantly changing COVID-19 event. You can expect a few challenges along the way, but we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that our students have the opportunities that they need and deserve.

    Phase One (School Closure - March 20th)

    • Web-based resources: A list of optional web-based resources for parents to engage in with your student while at home will be posted on the JCPS Remote Learning website. These resources are arranged by grade level and subject.

    Phase Two (March 23 - April 9th)

    • Additional Web-based instructional resources: Teachers are planning 10 days of supplemental instructional activities which will be on our district website and school sites on Thursday, March 26th. This instruction should begin March 30 until April 9. Similar to the district resources, these plans are arranged by grade level and subject. Each school will communicate information regarding these instructional activities. Please note that these instructional materials are supplemental. All materials cover content that has been previously taught and serve as review and enrichment. These materials are not intended to be core instruction or special education services to address IEP goals.
    • School Contact: Schools will contact students/ parents and communicate pick up dates for resources at each school starting March 26th. During this time, teachers may check on your contact information and discuss if you have internet access at home.
    • AP classes resources: Advanced Placement students can use this AP site to review resources, take 45-minute webinars, review and study during this week.
    • Delivery of hard-copy general instruction packets and technology for students: We are aware that not all students have devices, materials or internet access at home. We are working through those issues as well, including students without access, so that we can provide resources to those who need them. Please know that we are thinking about all of our families to ensure equity in learning. Pick up dates for resources at each school start March 26th.
    • Regularly scheduled Spring Break (April 10th-April 17th): The state has asked that school districts adhere to their existing calendar. While some teachers and students may continue working together remotely during scheduled breaks if they choose, parents can expect that engagement will be lower during Spring Break.
    • Special Educational Services: In light of current circumstances, we maintain our commitment to students with disabilities. In the coming weeks, school district staff, along with teachers and administrators from your child's school, will work to determine how best to provide continuous learning to students with disabilities in a remote learning environment. In addition, if your child has an annual review or transition meeting scheduled between March 16 and May 15, you will be contacted to determine your availability for a telephone or virtual meeting. As a reminder, supplemental learning resources for students with disabilities are available now on our website.
    • Grading and other questions: We are awaiting guidance from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction regarding how grading and assessments will occur and will share more information about grading and assessments in the coming days. Pending further guidance no new grading will take place.

    Phase Three (April 20th-May 15th)

    • Phase Three of our plan will address instruction and potential new learning opportunities from April 20 through May 15. Updates and information will be shared with you the week of April 6th.

    We understand the significant differences between remote instruction and the value of face-to-face interactions in the classroom. We have to acknowledge that remote learning cannot replace classroom instruction and find ways to meet the needs of our students. Despite these limitations, we do believe that these plans will help our students continue to learn and grow while at home.

    Again, these are unprecedented times and unchartered waters. Please know that we will continue to provide answers to your questions as soon as we have the information. The journey to deploy remote learning in Johnston County Public Schools is a process for all of us. Thank you for your continued patience and support.



    Dr. Ben Williams
    Johnston County Public Schools
    Interim Superintendent