Student Services

  • Student Services supports academic success by addressing the behavioral, social, emotional, health, and safety needs of all students. The department is organized to assist students in developing self-awareness, self-direction, independence, and positive outcomes. The staff members serve as advocates, coordinators, consultants, advisers, and liaisons between school, home, and the community.

    Student Services identifies strategies which maximize student learning and minimize conditions which interfere with learning by providing support and connecting students to resources that will help them become successful members of the community. The goals for Student Services include:

    • To improve academic achievement for all students.
    • To maintain a safe and orderly environment.
    • To use resources effectively and efficiently.
    • To integrate advanced technology into all aspects of communication.
    • To provide high quality professional development 


    JCPS students are successful, empowered, resilient, and have equitable access to free appropriate public education (FAPE). We accomplish this through school and community collaboration for the mental, physical, academic, career, social, and emotional wellbeing of ALL students.


    Student Services team members collaborate, advocate, and build relationships with all school, community, and family stakeholders to decrease barriers and increase support for students’ equitable access to mental, physical, academic, career, social, and emotional growth.

Meet the Student Services Team