Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Hannah Koch

My name is Hannah Koch and I am one of 2 art teachers here at CvHS!  I have a BFA in Studio Art from East Carolina University and became a certified art teacher in 2015.  My degree is in metal design (jewelry making), but I create work in a variety of media.  I love to draw, paint, sew, crochet and especially work in clay. I will be encouraging you to explore your own ideas and go beyond who or what inspires you.  Projects will be assigned, but it is up to you to decide where to take them with your creative freedom.  Weekly sketchbook assignments are a must to keep up with and just overall giving effort each day in class.  We do give grades in art class, but it is based on effort, not skill.  So, if you are trying...I will see that, even if it may not be as successful as you would want.  I want you to come to class every day with an open mind to take a risk in what you create.  I discuss a wide variety of diverse professional contemporary artists and some older ones too.  Don't forget to bring that sketchbook everyday to class and by the way...I am a morning person!  So if you have me first block - get ready - I will greet you with a smile.

My husband and I have 2 daughters and live in Clayton.  This is going on my 4th year at CvHS and I love it here.  Come say hello soon~

  • Welcome to Art Class!!


    Are you ready to get drawing again?  Me is my schedule for 22-23 school year;

    Fall Semester

    1st block: Art II

    2nd block: Planning

    3rd block: Art I

    4th block: Art I

    Current students are encouraged to attend my tutorial sessions during ram times to catch up on any projects/assignments/sketchbook prompts. 

    All students are welcome to my open ram times.


    Art Club members - be on the lookout for information about when we will meet this year. Can't wait~


    Where to find me virtually:

    Just Keep Drawing

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Mrs. Koch in Greenville, NC