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Mrs. Hannah Koch

My name is Hannah Koch and I am a new art teacher at Cleveland High School!  I have a BFA in Studio Art from East Carolina University and became a certified art teacher in 2015.  My husband and I have 2 daughters and live in Clayton.  I am thrilled to be at Cleveland High!

  • Have a wonderful summer! 


    Remember to stay creative and practice your drawing skills! 


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    Thursdays: 8:00-9:00am & 1:00-2:00pm

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  • Japanese Foreign Exchange Student Inspires Teacher

    Posted by Hannah Koch on 4/2/2020

    Students Always Inspire Teachers!

    • I was so fortunate to have a foreign exchange student, Nanami, from Japan this spring semester. Unfortunately, through the school closures and pandemic, she had to return to Japan early.

    We had big plans of teaching our class how to create origami cranes. Unfortunately, that did not happen before schools closed.

    Therefore, in her honor, I made this video of me creating an origami crane! And I have no doubt, she would give me great tips as I struggle through a few spots. Wish you all the best Nanami in your future endeavors! Your creativity will take you far!

    Origami Cranes

    With each crane, I decorated the paper first. 

    Simply cut a square piece of paper and decorate with:

    Markers, Colored Pencils, or my favorite - calligraphy ink!

    1. Then click over to my video or the many slower videos on youtube to try to create your very own origami crane.


    Origami Cranes

    Folding Origami Cranes can be a wonderful way to practice creativity everyday during this school closure.

    Keep creating~

    Hannah Koch

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  • Missing My Classroom and Students!

    Posted by Hannah Koch on 3/30/2020
    • Mrs. Koch in her Classroom!

    Did you know I am 1 of 2 art teachers at Cleveland High School?  Yep, isn't that exciting that there are more opportunities for you to take art classes here at Cleveland?! We are beyond thrilled to offer more art to our wonderful students and those who are either curious about art making or want to hone in on their skills.

    This is a picture of me standing at the back of my classroom last fall during my first semester teaching here at Cleveland.  I started 3 days after students started and did not get a chance to decorate my room quite like I wanted it, but it didn't matter, I had a room and I was thrilled to meet all the new students and get to know how I can best serve their creative needs.

    Little did I know that those students and the students since have blown my mind with all their creativity, their drawing skills they have taught themselves or learned from other teachers and peers and the overall talent at this school.  I grew from those first days and continue to grow today, even now as schools have been converted to virtual online learning.  

    And I didn't need to decorate my room!  The student artwork on my walls was all I needed.

    I share this photo today to remind myself and my current students that we will continue to learn drawing skills, and better ourselves no matter what comes our way.  Many times in class we discuss negative self talk or doubt and how it can stifle our productivity.  

    As we did before in our classroom, we need to do it now - push through the negative self talk and keep pressing the pencil to the paper.  Myself included.  

    Let's keep drawing, keep sparking that flame of creativity within ourselves and when we return we will be changed for the better because we never stopped learning.

    Keep pursuing creativity everyday~

    Hannah Koch

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  • Missing those Crushed Cans!

    Posted by Hannah Koch on 3/26/2020

    When we left school on Friday, March 13th little did we know that we would not be going back that following Monday (much less until May 15th) to give just a little bit more time working on our Crushed Can Photorealism Project. 

    It truly saddens me to have those gorgeous pieces of art sitting in our classroom left unfinished.  

    With that being said...remember before we left that Friday I asked you to snap a quick picture of your work?  Well, I would love for you to share it on your google classroom at this time.  What a fun way we can reflect on that project and what an amazing job you did, even with it not finished.  

    Many of you were well on your way to having your first completed work in photorealism and I was so very impressed with your fortitude! You did an amazing job and I commend you on your hard work.

    So take peek at the following work I took of your time of practice drawing the cans in your sketchbook and enjoy the fruits of this labor.  It will not go in vain! 

    Please note that I tried to include as many as I possibly could in this blog post.

    Crushed Can Pictures

    Thank you for sharing your creativity~

    Hannah Koch

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  • Welcome to Art with Mrs. Koch!

    Posted by Hannah Koch on 3/25/2020

    Thanks for your interest in all things art making!

    During this time of virtual online school, please check out my YouTube channel:

    Hannah Koch's YouTube Channel

    Here you will find videos of me doing sketchbook prompts and small bits of artmaking at my home.  These videos are for your inspiration and motivation to create art while school is closed.

    Remember to check your google classroom for class expectations.


    Thank you~

    Hannah Koch


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