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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Chica


I am the Spanish teacher for the Dual Language Program in 1st grade. I am from Cali, Colombia. I have two Bachelor’s Degrees: Foreign Languages (English and French), and a Law Degree (I am a Human Rights Lawyer). I studied at the Santiago de Cali University. I am a professional in constant training, aware of the pedagogical practice and the humanistic vocation. This is my second year at Polenta and my 12th year teaching. My first year teaching was in Elementary School, and I taught English and French as a second language. Then I went to a Military School, where I taught Elementary, Middle and High school students. Prior to being tenured here and coming to the United States, I worked with the Colombian Government as an advisor to the public school system consisting of a staff of more than 100 teachers, principals and coordinators.

The school will always be a place with open doors to receive your questions and to consider your proposals. I am convinced that dialogue is the best tool to build ourselves into a community of people working towards a common goal. Here is a woman, a human, a professional, proud of what I have been doing for years: facilitating learning and engendering smiles.

I am a responsible, enthusiastic, creative, engaging, inspiring educator; a dedicated teacher that will always try her best.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your child. We have some great things planned for this school year!   


Deyanira Chica