Mrs. Jackie Kennedy



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Mrs. Jackie Kennedy


Welcome to BMS Visual Art class.

I look forward to teaching your student and watching them express themselves through their artwork this semester. I love every student's unique style and your student will succeed when their best efforts are applied in class every day. 

Once a week your student will study fine artworks and artist from the past to the present. Your student will learn about the Elements of Art: line, shape, value, form, color, texture, and space. Your student will also learn about the Principles of Design including balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis, pattern, variety, and unity. Your student will learn how these Elements and Principles can help artist express ideas. Your student will apply this new knowledge as he or she creates their own artworks. 

I look forward to watching every student bring their own unique genius to class.


Mrs. Kennedy



  • 8:20-9:30 Planning

    9:32-10:37 5th Grade

    10:39-11:44 7th Grade

    11:47-1:08 Lunch/Power

    1:11-2:16 6th Grade

    2:18-3:30 8th Grade

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