Ms. Courtney Roy

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Exceptional Children: Extended content standards / Adapted Curriculum

Ms. Courtney Roy


Life Skills

2020 - A Rainbow of Possibilities


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PHONE 919-989-6039 EXT. 3969 / FAX 919-989-6272 / ROOM #508


I know everyone is experiencing a stress level like none other due not only to the pandemic, but also having a different teacher, staff members, and new classmates, as well as a plethora of difficult to follow social distancing rules. I work closely with my families as you are an integral part and most important stakeholder in your child’s learning experience. Therefore, I will be reaching out to you to hold a virtual meeting where we can ask as many questions as we want! I will do everything in my power to answer any questions I have the answers to and make the transition as smooth as is possible. 


As you decide what best fits your family (face-to-face cohort, virtual, virtual academy) please plan accordingly based on how things will look within the Life Skills classroom environment. 


  • The ability to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) may not be feasible for all students, so your child may be exposed to others not wearing PPE
  • Life Skills relies on extensive hand over hand direct support and contact from various staff
  • Non-ambulatory students will be transferred from wheelchairs to therapy equipment, floor, and mats and the surfaces like carpeting will be sanitized as is feasible
  • Students requiring diapering means repeated close contact with all staff members that have been exposed to the same process with other students
  • Manipulatives cannot be shared, so we will request supplies as they arise. Please seal them in containers or ziplocs and use sharpie to clearly label items. Personal items (think feeding supplies, clothing, etc) will have to travel to and from school so that they may be sanitized at your home and returned to school.

1    1” - 1 1/2“ 3 ring binder (hard bound)

1    packet of anti-glare sheet protectors

1    packet of tab dividers for binders

Adapted crayons (egg, fat barreled, or triangular, twistable crayons) 

1 complete change of clothes (top, bottom, socks) weather appropriate sealed and labeled in a ziploc bag

1 labeled package of diapers

1 labeled package of chucks (disposable changing pads)

Flip top container or hard surround container with lid to hold: extra adapted feeding utensils, teethers, chewies, pacifiers, etc.

Flip top container or hard surround container with lid to hold extra medical equipment: enteral tubes, diaper creams, diastat / medications, drain sponges, etc.


❤We love and rely on donations such as paper towels, bottled water, 

and seasonal crafts ❤


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