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    Vision: South Johnston High School is committed to providing customized educational experiences to foster a culture of innovation and discovery. Individual needs will be addressed through an array of opportunities that promote the learner’s academic, social, and emotional development. In this educational model students are truly at the center, learning is tailored to individual students' strengths, needs, and personal interests.


    Purpose: The customization initiative is being developed to provide learners with timely, relevant experiences that meet the individual’s needs and fosters curiosity in the material. Learners must develop the critical thinking skills necessary to formulate an understanding of concepts and principles without constant direct instruction. Thus, classroom instruction must be re-engineered to spend a greater amount of time engaged  and should be utilized to force learners to think critically/creatively and apply knowledge through authentic experiences where learners are required to create, develop, plan, and strategize to solve real world problems. The use of student technology must be an integral part of this learning experience to allow learners to connect, work with, communicate, and receive feedback from sources that could not be utilized otherwise. This will expand the learner’s experiences and allow deeper understanding of the material to hopefully minimize memorization and dumping of the knowledge as soon as an assessment is provided.


    We Believe: In preparing learners for their futures by providing them with voice and choice because we know learners:

    Learn at different rates

    Learn in different styles

    And technology changes the rules of how/ when we can learn


    We know this will ensure learners are college and career ready!


    Mass Customized Learning Opportunities

    Learning Options: All learning models will have classroom times with the teacher being available to the learners each day.

    • Hybrid  (Section Code 200)  – Learners can move through the course at their optimal learning pace while receiving timely instruction from their teacher. Hybrid courses will have scheduled in and out of the classroom times with the teacher being available to the learners each day.

    • Blended/Online Course (Section Code 300)   - Learners will be offered blended/online courses that mirror the courses provided in the traditional class course. These courses will be facilitated face to face and through Connexus.

    • Project Based Learning/Traditional (Section Code 400)    - Learners will demonstrate mastery through the use of projects/problems to gain the required skills and content.

    • Learning Through Interest (LtI Academy)(Section Code 700)  (Fall 2018-2019)- Learners will be served by one advisor for the year. Each student will develop an individual education plan based on their interest. Learning goals will be determine to meet curriculum expectations. Each student will have a real-world connection (Internship/Mentor).

    • IDEAL Academy (Section Code 100 or 800)    - Learners will have the opportunity to obtain a two year associate of science degree during their four years at SJHS in this academy. Must complete a County Wide Application (Animal Science & Horticultural Science; College Transfer Pathway, Career Pathway, Associates Degree Pathway) University of Mount Olive Courses offered.

    • Trojan Academy (Section Code TA) (M-F 2:30pm-6:30pm) -Trojan Academy is for learners that require or desire a non traditional and/or flexible schedule that is personalized to meet their individual needs. Instruction is delivered through a blended platform; online and with access to highly qualified teachers.   Students may request to attend Trojan Academy or be placed based upon need.

    • Air Force JROTC - South Johnston High School offers AFJROTC courses I thru IV. The courses focus on: leadership, skills development, team building exercises, citizenship, and physical fitness. All supplies and uniforms are provided. There is no commitment required to join the military.

    • Fine Arts - SJHS offers Art, Marching Band, Percussion Ensemble, Chorus, Theatre

    • Career Technical Education (CTE)- Learners can take courses to explore Foods and Consumer Sciences, Health Sciences, Business and Technology, Agriculture, and Trade and Industrial topics such as auto mechanics and carpentry.

    • Dual Enrollment, Career and College Promise (Section Code 700) – Learners can take courses at  local community colleges and both the credit and grade will be included on the learner’s transcript (Student must meet entry criteria).

    • Learning Hubs: SJHS provides several independent learning spaces for students to promote collaboration, creativity, customization, and critical thinking. The academy involves learners, teachers, and other experts working together on teacher-generated, as well as learner-driven projects. Students are allowed in Hubs as long as they are focused on learning.


    Schedule a time with your counselor or grade level administrator to learn more.


    IDEAL Academy

    Learning Through Interest (LtI)