JCPS ID Portal

  • Welcome to the JCPS ID Portal. This Portal serves as a self help tool for staff and students to reset passwords for Active Directory (AD) and Google. This portal will provide: 

    • Greater account security and protection for both staff and students
    • Staff and students the ability to help themselves with access issues 24/7
    • Staff the ability to reset student passwords
    • The ability to add more Single sign-on apps in the future

    Important Information for Jan 2, 2020:

    • All JCPS staff and students will be required to use the new JCPS ID Portal to reset passwords for AD and Google.
    • All STAFF passwords for both Google and AD will be defaulting to the current AD password.
    • All STUDENTS will have to claim their JCPS ID account
      • Beginning Jan. 2, 2020, the initial login on Chromebooks and Windows devices will automatically redirect student to the JCPS ID Portal to claim their JCPS account.

    Fall 2019, staff and teachers will be able to claim their JCPS ID Portal accounts and begin using the JCPS ID portal for password resets and learning how to use password reset tool to assist students for the BIG DAY on Jan. 2, 2020.