Head Coach Amanda Turner

Head Coach: Amanda Turner

  • Sports have been a part of my life since I was young. I began playing soccer when I was five and started running cross country in high school. I continued both until I graduated from Clayton High School. Being an athlete taught me many life lessons and built pride in my school. When I became a teacher I knew I wanted to work with young athletes to instill in them those same life lessons and school spirit. I served as the assistant coach for the boys' track team for four years and then became the head coach at the start of  the 2017 season. I love watching my boys work hard to represent Clayton Middle well on the track. They push themselves each day to individually succeed which makes our team great. If you are interested in track or just like to run, don't let your inexperience stop you. We build our team through dedication, not experience.


    2020 CMS Boys Track Team

    Ethan A.

    Brandon A.

    Jonathan B.

    Zachary B.

    Dedric B. 

    Doriyan D. 

    Phenoix D. 

    Edgar D.

    Makail H.

    Tavion H.

    Tyreke J.

    Taiyon L.

    Tyric R. 

    Trei R. 

    Bobby R. 

    Jahaziel R. 

    Josue R. 

    Jaylin S. 

    Chris S.