• Academics is a comprehensive and diverse department. It encompasses all curriculum standards and curriculum development for the district. Regular education, Exceptional Children, English Learners, Career and Technical Education, Career and College Promise, and Early Childhood Development all reside in Academics.

    In addition to the review, management, and implementation of the district's curricular standards, The Academics Department is the home to district and school improvement, and student accountability. Working collaboratively with administrators, teachers, counselors, and other stakeholders, the department’s staff strives to connect the dots between policy and practice across many areas, but especially those that pertain to student learning, scheduling, grading, approach to discipline, and the continuous development of our teachers and leaders.

    The vision of JoCo 2020 is embraced and modeled in all the departments strategic plans and evidenced in the actions and culture of its staff.

    Stephen Baker

    Academic Officer


  • Innovation’s vision is to create the sustained implementation of a culture of continuous instructional improvement. As a subdepartment of AI, Innovation serves as the professional development and pedagogical research and development wing of the department.

    Innovation designs and implements learning opportunities for all employees of the district including the beginning teachers, assistant principals, teachers, K-12 principal meetings, and summer leadership. Innovation is the hub for the district’s Teaching and Learning Coaches. Innovation partners with the Executive Directors of AI and the Curriculum Coordinators to align professional development for teachers to meet the needs of the JoCo 2020 student and the 21st century classroom. Innovation is charged with shifting the current classroom to a personalized pedagogical practice that empowers students to take ownership of their learning.

    Innovation also partners with Human Resources to develop leadership among our teachers, assistant principals, and principal interns for the district through professional growth and licensure.

    Brandon Garland

    Innovation Officer