• What is Standards-Based Grading?


    Standards-based grading (SBG) uses academic performance indicators that are observable and objective to communicate student progress throughout the year in meeting grade level standards. Teachers assess student performance on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study which are specific and observable grade level skills. Mastery of these standards ensures readiness and success in the next grade level. In standards-based grading, how a student’s performance compares with others is not important. JCPS uses the following indicators: M (mastery), P (progressing toward mastery), B (beginning to progress toward mastery) or N (not yet demonstrating progress).

    M - Indicates that the student consistently and independently demonstrates mastery of the grade level standard. Students who receive “M” are completing the expected learning at end of year grade level standard. Mastery indicates that the student has reached a level of performance expected of grade level students for that standard with consistency, accuracy, independence, and quality. Instruction will: focus on more complex problems, offer more levels of challenge for the learner in the application, and provide more in-depth and critical thinking in the area of that standard.

    P - Indicates that the student is progressing toward consistent and independent mastery of the grade level standard. Students who are progressing toward the standard are demonstrating a level of understanding that is typically/appropriately expected during the course of the academic year.

    B - Indicates that the student is beginning to progress toward the grade level standard. Students who are beginning to progress toward a standard may require additional support, monitoring, and/or assistance for clarification in order to assist in progress and support.

    N - Indicates that the student is not yet demonstrating progress toward the grade level standard. Students who receive “N” are still acquiring prerequisite skills in order to understand the content of the grade level standard. Students need additional assistance, increased time, smaller chunks of learning, and/or alternate strategies for gaining foundational standards that will lead to the grade level standards.

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