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    Our Before/After Childcare program hours of operation start at 6:30 AM and end at 6:00 PM. The program is designed to be a safe and stimulating environment for students whose family situations or schedules require childcare before and/or after school. Our program is supervised by staff members and support staff who have been through an interview, training process, and background check. All K-5th grade students who attend Dixon Road are eligible to attend. Please read the rules and policies that are in place for our program. If you are interested in using our service, please complete our registration form. 

    Online Registration Form

    Link to the online registration form for the 2022-2023 school year.


    Registration Fee and Monthly Fee 

    Registration fee: $10.00 per child per calendar year for before OR after school care. $15.00 per child per calendar year for both before AND after school care. 

    Before Care: $100.00 per month. (August and December are prorated)

    After Care: $100.00 per month. (August and December are prorated)

    Combined Before and After Care: $200.00 per month. (August and December are prorated)

    The August 2022 prorated fee: $14 for before or after care; $28 for both. 

    The December 2022 prorated fee: $57 for before or after care; $114 for both. 

    Program Policies

    Our program is successful because our staff, students, and parents work as a team to closely follow the rules, policies, and guidelines of the program. Please be sure to discuss the importance of following the rules with your child. 

    Dixon Road Elementary's rules and all aspects of the JCS code of conduct will be enforced (please review the student handbook). Any behavior issues will be discussed with parents. On the 3rd offense, the student may be dismissed from the program. 

    Per JCPS 3100-R School-Based Before and After School Child Care - Regulation:

    If a monthly bill is not paid by the 5th school day of the month, a late fee of $5 per school day shall be added to the bill up until the 10th school day. If the bill has not been paid by the 10th day, a student may be dismissed from the before and after-school child care program.

    Once a school receives the second returned check from a parent, before and after school child care fees shall be paid in cash.

    A drop in fee of $10.00 would be charged for anyone who needs either the before or after school care services sporadically; that is a $10.00 drop in fee for before school care and a $10.00 fee for after school care.

    There is not a discount for parents of more than one child in the program.

    Staff members utilizing the service will pay the same rate as other parents.

    A late fee of $1 per minute per child shall be imposed when parents pick up students after 6:00 pm. After the third late pick-up, a student may be dismissed from after school care.


    *Please do not drop your child off at before school care after 8:20 AM or pick your child up from after care before 4:15 PM due to buses and carpool loading and unloading students during this time. 

    There is no after-school care on early release or early dismissal days (including inclement weather). We follow the JCPS student calendar and our program only operates when school is in session.

    If there is a weather delay, before-school care will open with a delay as well.  (2hr delay we will open at 8:30 AM)

    All parents are required to leave updated emergency contact information and any medical concerns with our staff.

    Aftercare students are to be picked up in the cafeteria. Parents must enter the building to sign out their children. 

    We do not provide snacks. If you would like your child to have a snack, please send it with them. 

    Students will have an opportunity to partake in school breakfast at 8:25 AM once the bell rings for school to open.

    The preferred method of payment is the online payment portal which is located at this link.   

    If paying by check, please make them payable to Dixon Road Elementary and include your phone number, driver's license, and your student's name on your check.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact our school site manager, Teresa Pierce, at 919-894-7771 or by email at teresapierce@johnston.k12.nc.us.