Equity, Information and Student Services

  • The Office of Equity, Information and Student Services is responsible for the district’s programs and initiatives related to cultural proficiency, diversity awareness, student wraparound services, and student records and data information systems

    The Office of Equity was established in July 2019 to advance the district’s commitment to fairness and impartiality by strategically aligning district policies and practices with overall goals.

    Student Services supports academic success by addressing the behavioral, social, emotional, health, and safety needs of all students. The department is organized to assist students in developing self-awareness, self-direction, independence, and positive outcomes. The staff members serve as advocates, coordinators, consultants, advisers, and liaisons between school, home, and the community. Additionally, the district’s driver’s education program is administered here.

    Information Services serves as a support for PowerSchool, InfoSnap, and other databases through school level Data Managers and Power Teacher Representatives. Information Services also maintains the E-rate program for the district.

Meet the Equity, Information, and Student Services Team

  • Crystal RobertsCrystal Roberts
    Chief of Equity, Information and Student Services
    919-934-2016 x1001

    My Role: I am privileged with the responsibility of leading the district's Equity initiative, which is our committment toward the eradication of inequities that can prevent students' ultimate success. I also oversee the excellent work performed by Information and Student Services, which are responsible for PowerSchool, district telecommunications, and wraparound wholistic services that remove barriers to learning.

    My Why: I love having the opportunity to create an environment where my fellow employees feel supported in the work we do to prepare our students for success beyond their experience in Johnston County Public Schools.

    Dee EdmundsonDee Edmundson
    Executive Director of Equity
    919-934-2016 x1007

    My Role: Looking at ways to address and resolve gaps in education as we continue to focus on equity for all.

    My Why: The opportunity to focus on "Equity" in our school district.


     Dan Hicks

    Dan Hicks
    Executive Director of Information Services
     919-934-2016 x1010

     My Role: I oversee the Information Services Department which includes Tele-Communications (VoIP and Mobile Phones), PowerSchool, E-Rate, Civil Rights Data Collection, and The Educational Directory and Demographical Information Exchange          (EDDIE).

     My Why: The people and the day-to-day challenges. I love knowing we are making a difference in the lives of our students.


    Dr. Amanda AllenDr. Amanda H. Allen
    Executive Director of Student Services
    919-934-2016 x1029

    My Role: Working with the Social and Emotional Learning supports for our district allows me to work closely with a myriad of student support staff members such as School Counselors, School Social Workers, School Nurses, Student Advocates, and Driver's Education Instructors. I have the opportunity to consult with schools on best practices pertaining to social and emotional learning and school mental health. Another vital part of my position is staying connected with the Johnston County community. I am able to do this through partnerships with local physical and mental health focused agencies, as well as education focused business partnerships. Some other areas of support I am able to provide includes, but is not limited to: Section 504 Plans, Medical/Regular Education Homebound, Student Enrollment, Student Homelessness or McKinney Vento Act, and School Health Advisory Council (SHAC).

    My Why: Everyone deserves a safe, supportive space in which they can grow into the best versions of themselves.

    Donna WatsonDonna Watson
    Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
    919-934-2016 x1028

    My Role: As the Administrative Assistant/Office Manager for the department of Equity, Information and Student Services, my role must demonstrate great Customer Service and great Leadership Skills. Both are very important to me personally and professionally. I am knowledgeable of policies and procedures; patient and understanding to others, possess great social skills with a smile that (I hope) will influence and motivate others; good communication skills – welcoming and willing to help others; a team player, I am honest, dependable, flexible and committed in and outside of the workplace – one who knows the way, strive to go the right way, and enjoy helping others to do the same. I LOVE MY JOB – smile.

    My Why: I take pride in serving people! My customers are not only outside of the workplace, but the employees and staff are my customers as well. I give them the upmost respect! In my role I love to engage and collaborate with others; I have a positive attitude – friendly with customers, staff, students, parents, and stakeholders. I have empathy to understand people and to know what they are feeling and/or experiencing. At the end of the day, my desire is to constantly learn something new as I continue to improve my Customer Service and Leadership Skills.

    Teneen FrazierTeneen Frazier
    Office Support II
    919-934-2016 x1193

    My Role: Knowing that I am able to make an impact on people life by providing a service that will help them succeed in the future.

    My Why: I love being able to help and interact with people.