Equity, Information, and Student Services

  • The Office of Equity, Information and Student Services is responsible for the district’s programs and initiatives related to cultural proficiency, diversity awareness, student wraparound services, and student records and data information systems

    The Office of Equity was established in July 2019 to advance the district’s commitment to fairness and impartiality by strategically aligning district policies and practices with overall goals.

    Student Services supports academic success by addressing the behavioral, social, emotional, health, and safety needs of all students. The department is organized to assist students in developing self-awareness, self-direction, independence, and positive outcomes. The staff members serve as advocates, coordinators, consultants, advisers, and liaisons between school, home, and the community. Additionally, the district’s driver’s education program is administered here.

    Information Services serves as a support for PowerSchool, InfoSnap, and other databases through school level Data Managers and Power Teacher Representatives. Information Services also maintains the E-rate program for the district.