• Dear Parent/Guardian,


    NC Check-Ins are interim assessments developed by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) that are aligned to North Carolina grade-level content standards in English language arts (ELA)/reading for grades 4–8 and in mathematics for grades 3–8. In ELA, each NC Check-In measures all grade-level content standards assessed and increases in text complexity. For mathematics, each NC Check-In focuses on a selected subset of grade- level content standards.  


    The main purpose of NC Check-Ins is to provide students, teachers, parents, and stakeholders with immediate in-depth action data and a reliable estimate of students’ current performance on the selected subset of content standards. A secondary purpose of NC Check-Ins is derived from their strong relationship with grade-level end-of-grade (EOG) summative assessment. Both the EOGs and NC Check-Ins share a common item bank, and performance on the NC Check-Ins serves as an early indicator of a student’s level of preparedness for the EOG summative assessment.  


    The NC Check-Ins administration windows are as follows:

    Administration Windows

    NC Check-In 1

    October 15–November 30, 2018

    NC Check-In 2

    January 2–February 8, 2019

    NC Check-In 3

    March 4–April 12, 2019


    Additional information about the NC Check-Ins (e.g., NC Check-In specification documents, frequently asked questions, presentations, and memos) may be accessed at http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/accountability/nccheckins.


    If you have questions or concerns about the NC Check-Ins, please contact your child’s principal.


    Stephen Baker

    Academic Office