West Johnston JROTC is a program dedicated to making people into better citizens. Here at West Johnston JROTC our goal is to turn high school students into successful people with drive, determination, and focus. JROTC presents a degree of professionalism and discipline through each one of our cadets. Our program is dedicated to improving our community, starting with its citizens. We participate in competitions, parades, and do a number of community service projects year round. The program is led by senior cadets under the supervision of our instructors. Leadership and accountability is an important aspect of JROTC and the cirriculum is unparalleled by any other course. 


    The WJHS Corps of Cadets is a unique bunch. Cadets demonstrate academic and moral proffesionalism throughout their daily lives. From the beginning cadets are taught by the Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage (LDRSHIP). We are leaders and under the supervision of the SAI LTC(R) Warren Singleton and AI 1st Sgt(R) Cornell Harris.


    Cadet Leadership

    Battalion Commander - C/LTC Patrick Garner

    Battalion Executive Officer - C/MAJ Courtney Holland

    S1 - C/CPT Arianna Arrington

    S2 - C/CPT Seth Springle 

    S3 - C/CPT Cameron Lanning

    S4 - C/CPT Cierra Bowell

    S5 - C/CPT Jason Cuevas

    Battalion Command Sergeant Major - C/CSM Scott Ross