Honors Roundtable - 2nd block

  • Honors Roundtable – Spring 2020

    2nd block: Google classroom code: r4e5za7

    Mary Kane Ziegler
    919.553.4064 ext 1566

    Our Honors Roundtable class will be dedicated to preparing high school students for practical experiences and situations they will face once they are in the "real" world. As is done in the board game, LIFE, students will follow a chosen path and deal with a wide variety of scenarios centered on important 21st century skills.   

    The course does not have a formal exam. Instead, students will work all semester on creating a "Field Guide" designed to help them develop and practice critical skills. 

     I. Required Materials

    • TBD

    II. Class Rules

    I have high expectations of my students, and try very hard to create a fun, exciting environment in which they are able to learn and grow. As such, my class rules are very simple. 

    1. Do your work. I make a tremendous effort to only give assignments that will benefit my students...no busy work. 
    2. Be on time. This includes being on time to class as well as turning in all assignments on time. 
    3. Listen. I expect my students to be quiet when I am speaking, and I will certainly afford them this same courtesy. 
    4. Ask for help. My entire purpose for being here is to help my students, and I am always happy to offer guidance and one-on-one assistance. I am available during my planning (2nd block) and any Comet Time - EVERY DAY. 
    5. Be prepared. Students must bring the required materials with them to class every day and have completed the homework and assignments given so they can participate in discussions and activities. 
    6. PHONES AWAY. Unless asked to use their phones or computers for a specific purpose during class, I DO NOT want to see phones or headphones out while in class. 

    Consequences for Disciplinary Issues

    1. Warning and documentation
    2. Parent phone call or email
    3. Parent/teacher conference
    4. Administrative action

    III. Parent Contacts

    I am available for conferences during 4th block or at your convenience after school. Contact me by phone at Clayton High ext. 1566 or through email at maryziegler@johnston.k12.nc.us. I am happy to hear from you any time.  

    I also utilize google classroom, which is my digital platform for some content, assignments and assessments. Students have been given a google classroom code (see above) and parents can also request access to their child’s google classroom in order to remain updated on assignments and classroom events.

    IV. Grading

    Students will be assessed in a variety of ways. Homework and classwork will include class participation, discussion, questions related to texts read and assignments contributing to research. Reading will be assigned as homework and students should always expect a reading quiz or check. Quizzes will be given on grammar, vocabulary and other topics. They may or may not be announced. Tests will be on major works or units and projects as well as essays will count in the same category. The final exam will count as 20% of the final course grade.  

    We utilize a points-based system, with specific ranges for different types of assignments as noted below. Students are expected to turn in their assignments on time. My policy for late work is as follows: 

    • Homework and classwork: late work is not accepted and will be noted as a zero in powerschool
    • Quizzes and tests: must be made up within 5 school days
    • All other assignments: points will be deducted for each day it is turned in after the due date


    Point Value


    10-50 points

    Quizzes/Short Essays/Mini-Projects

    50-100 points

    Tests/Essays/Major Projects

    100-250 points


    Test corrections and/or test retakes will only be allowed if the student attends my Comet Time within one week of the test. This is required so there is an opportunity for he/she to gain a better understanding of the concepts and material covered in the assessment. He/she will then be required to complete test corrections and/or retakes during the NEXT Comet Time available per the schedule. ONLY STUDENTS WITH A GRADE OF 89 or BELOW will be allowed to make test corrections or retake the test. I will announce which opportunities are available as retakes will not be offered for all assessments. 

    Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful semester!