• Tentatively staring Monday, October 15th, we are introducing a new bell schedule for NJHS. The schedule includes a 75 minute block of time between 3rd and 4th blocks called Panther Power Time. The targeted time offers students the flexible opportunity each day to receive tutoring, attend club meetings, participate in social and physical activities, work on technology, and eat lunch. 
    The Panther Power Time Schedule will replace our Daily Schedule. 

    Power Power Bell Schedule

    1st block 7:30-8:54

    2nd block 8:59-10:23

    3rd block 10:28-11:52

    Panther Power Time --75 minutes

         Lunch A 11:57-12:27

         Lunch B 12:32-1:02

    4th block 1:07-2:30    
    Students who have late arrival or leave early for CCP, JCC or work need to note the changes in class times. 
    Please see the other documents linked here concerning tutorial and club schedules.
    If you have any questions, please contact any administrator.