• September 9th, 2018 6:40pm 

    Good Evening Wise Owls,

    I hope that you have had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. We hope that you have enjoyed walking your 1st-5th graders to their classrooms, but tomorrow we ask that you let your Wise Owls spread their wings. Our staff will be beining their morning norms of meeting students at the doorway to greet them and ensure students arrive to class. Admin and teachers will be stationed throughout the building to make sure each child makes it to their destinations. We ask that you use our front entrance/ lobby to say your goodbyes. 

    There was concern about sending students to mobiles. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We now have a staff member placed near the blacktop and one at the doors leading out to the mobiles. We appreciate you working with us to get this blind spot addressed. 

    Pre-K and Kindergarten parents, you may walk your child to class until September 21st, since you had a later start. 

    Tomorrow night, we have a PTA meeting at 6:30 in the media center. I look forward to seeing you there!

    For our 3rd graders, Beginning of Grade testing (BOG) will begin on September 11th. Emails were sent on Saturday, but you can also access this information on our school website under "School Announcements" located on the right hand side of the screen

    Our character education trait of the month is, Respect. Our Board of Education defines this as, understanding that all people have value as human beings. Our school will be looking to our Wise Owls to display this each day in class and throughout the day. 

    Thank you for your patience with our new Lobby Guard system. Though are still working out kinks, it has been extremely beneficial to know who is in our building during the day, We ask that you continue to bring your ID when you've been called for a conference, eating lunch with a student, or to volunteer. 

    We look forward to a great week here at West View! 

    Have a great night