• What is First Priority?

    First Priority is student initiated and student led. Students are equipped and empowered to be leaders who make a positive influence in their school by living and sharing the Gospel. This happens through faith-based leadership, character, and team building skills. We will meet on Thursday mornings @ 7:55 AM starting October 4, 2018 in the Dixon Road Elementary Media Center. Our vision is to bring the hope of Christ in every student! Our mission is to unite the church with a strategy to empower students to live and share the Gospel at school.  We teach discipleship. We have a 2 year plan to equip students to initiate and lead First Priority in every school in Johnston County and then become the training center for North Carolina. 

    • First Priority clubs follow a four-week strategy called HOPE
      • HOPE is an acronym for:
        • Help: Students become empowered to live and share the Gospel through a
          Biblical based leadership discussion.
        • Overcome: Students are inspired to overcome obstacles to living and sharing
          the Gospel
        • Prepare: Students live out the Gospel by doing a mission project together.
        • Engage: Students share their faith stories to share the Gospel with their peers.




    ​Is First Priority Only in Clayton?
    First Priority is both a local and national movement. http://www.fpgreaterclayton.com/
    First Priority is equipping student leaders across the nation. www.fpofamerica.com

    Is this Legal?
    The Equal Access Act provides students the freedom to initiate and lead faith-based clubs at school.