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    Middle School Athletic Calendar for the 2018-19 School Year's Seasons

    Baseball and Softball

    Basketball (boys and girls)



    Track and Field


    Cheerleading - Refer to football and basketball schedules


     *Spring Sports: Here are schedule changes:

    The Four Oaks game at Meadow will move from April18 to April 16th.  Four Oaks has a class fieldtrip on April 18th.
    The Princeton games flipped locations.  Same dates.Princeton will be here on March 18th and we will be at Princeton April 11th.
    Neuse does not have a siftball team so we are playing Cape Fear Christian Academy in both of those game date slots.  March 21 and April15th.  Both of these softball games will be home games for us.
    The conference track meet was originally April 15th and it has been moved to Wed April 17th.
    We host On April 3rd at SJHS.  We will need gate keepers for that meet.