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Mrs. Forbes

     This is my 4th year of teaching and I love it.    I studied at Barton College and ECU but my husband and kids are NCSU fans which can make for some interesting conversations.

I have 2 children ages 17 and 14.  I tease my students that I have "been through middle school 3 times, once myself and once with each of my children".   My favorite things to do are scrapbooking, reading, sitting on the beach , and sitting on the beach reading.

I beleive that each of us learns diffferently, we just have to find what way works for us.  I tell my students if they meet me half way then the sky is the only limit.

The best way to help your child succeed is to help them read.  Find books that they are interested in and enjoy.  One thing I suggest is to find a book for you to read at the same time then discuss what you have read at different times of the day in a "normal conversation.

My daily schedule is a follows:

Mrs. Forbes 

Daily Schedule


Block 1 (8:10-9:15) Hewitt  (ELA) RM 705


Pack   (9:18 - 9:48) ( Float) (Or pull)


Block 2 & 3 (9:51 - 11:18)  Planning


Block 4 & L (11:21 -12:57) Franks   (Math) RM 712


Block 5 (1:00 - 2:00) Presti (ELA) RM 711


Block 6 (2:04 - 3:10) Ireland (Math) RM 706

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