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Ms. Jolly

Welcom to the 2020-2021 school year and 8th grade! 

Virtual learning makes this school year "new" for all of us, teachers and students.  However, if you participated in virtual learning during quarter 4, you are ahead of the learning curve.  If you did not participate, please be patient.  Familarize yourself with your device.  Read the school and teacher websites.  Check your email daily and log into to Google Classroom.  Google Classroom is where the majority of your assignments will be posted and other important information such as the daily Google Meet Link.  Before you email me questions, LOOK, READ, SEARCH, and CONSULT  with other students to see if you can figure out the problem/s. In addition to all of the new changes, GRADES will be taken, and your Enrichment/Remediation class will be graded on participation as either PASS or FAIL. 

Good luck this year and work hard! 

  •               SCHEDULE                                                                        


    Morning Meeting/Homeroom:                                                                    


     [Google Meet Link will be POSTED 10-15 MINUTES                                                                              

      EACH morning PRIOR to meeting time]


    ENGLISH 1                                                                                                                            


    [Google Meet Link will be posted 10-15 minutes                              

      daily, PRIOR to meeting time]


    ELA Grade 8


    [Google Meet Link will be posted 10-15 minutes                              

        daily, PRIOR to meeting time]




    ELA Grade 8

    Block 1, 2 & 7

    @2020ELA8  to  81010


    English 1

     Block 6

     @Eng1CMS  to  81010


    Questions or conerns, email


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