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Mrs. Snegosky

What a great first half of the year we've had in class. I absolutely love being back in second grade. The kiddos are so sweet and sure have been working hard. Don't forgot to check our class Dojo regularly as I post important information there along with what's going on in our classroom. The class has been showing great improvement in reading and math. Reading groups is our favorite part of the day and we've learned that math is so much fun with manipulatives. I'm looking forward to seeing what goals we accomplish this next half of the year.


Please have your child read/write for 20 minutes 4-5 nights per week. They can practice Lexia at home. Their login is stapled to their take home folder. I also have a Freckle account for them to practice reading and math. The class code is snegof and I post extra activities in there. While technology is great, nothing beats the feel of a book, turning pages, and seeing how many pages you've already read! It's a great sense of accomplishment to finish a book. I do give them each a new book to keep every month along with the library books they choose to borrow. I have a pretty extensive classroom library and am willing to let them sign out books from me also.  If they've read all of what's available at home, get creative; you don't have to buy them new stacks of books each week! They can read magazine and newspaper articles, write letters to a friend or family member, or read online stories. Incorporate math into it by reading recipes together and have your child help cook or bake something!


There are several other ways that you can help support your child's learning at home. Each week your child brings home spelling words. These can be practiced for spelling and also sorted by phonics skill such as CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant), VCE (vowel, consonant, E), VCC (vowel, consonant, consonant), etc. Ask your child to show you some of the ways we've learned to sort them. They can also sort by digraph (two consonants that make one sound like sh, th, ph, etc) or by blend (two consonants making their own sound like sk, gr, fl, etc.) These skills help reading fluency which in the end increases comprehension. For math practice at home have your child count your change, tell you the time using an analog clock, or help you measure for recipes. They can also practice their math facts by making flash cards. Another activity that can be done in the car is to toss out math fact questions while driving or everyone can skip count together by 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's. Get creative and fun when incorporating learning at home. If you have other great ideas, please feel free to share them with me. 

  • Daily Schedule                                BEP Schedule

    8:50     Morning Meeting                Day 1 - Guidance

    9:15     Grammer                               Day 2 - Music

    9:30     Whole Group Reading      Day 3 - Media

    10:30   Centers                                  Day 4 - P.E.

    11:30   MESS & Minute Math        Day 5 - S.T.E.M.

    12:15   Recess                                    Day 6 - Art

    12:50   Lunch

    1:15     Whole Group Math

    1:45     BEP

    2:35     Math Workshop

    3:05     Science/Social Studies