• Official practices start the week of February 24, 2020.  Each player must have a TICKET-TO-PLAY in order to participate. If you do not have a ticket to play, you WILL NOT PARTICIPATE. 


    Pick up a TICKET-TO-PLAY packet from Mrs. Rolison. The complete packet must be returned to Mrs. Rolison to get a ticket-to-play. 


    You may turn in your completed packet and pick up a TICKET-TO-PLAY from Mrs. Rolison on the following dates:

    Tuesday, January 28: A&B Lunch - Davey Jones' Locker (downstairs crossroads)
    Tuesday, February 4: A&B Lunch - Davey Jones' Locker (downstairs crossroads)
    Monday, February 10: 5pm-7pm - Main Gym Lobby


    Off-season workouts start the week of February 3rd and are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30-4. Anyone interested in STUNT is welcome to attend. Before participating, each player MUST have a current physical and concussion form on file. Both forms can be found on the athletics website.