RAM Academy is one of five choice academies developed for Johnston County Schools (JCPS) students who want or are assigned to earn a diploma in a non-traditional setting. Enrollment is limited and priority is based on teacher/counselor recommendation with administrator approval. In order to be considered for Choice Academy, students must be currently enrolled in JCPS.

    What does RAM stand for: 

    Recovery: A student who failed an academic course can retake the course online to receive credit. The student would enroll in a Connexus credit recovery course. These courses are designed to eliminate material that the student mastered in the class, letting them focus on the concepts that were more difficult for them. Once the student completes the course, they receive a "P" (pass) on their transcript and receive a credit. This course will not count into the student's GPA.

    Alternate Instruction/Accerlation: Some students may find that the traditional school day model does not best fit their academic needs or learning style. A variety of factors , including but not limited to, work schedule, family situation, social anxiety, or varied medical issues, may prompt a student and their family to seek an alternate learning setting. RAM Academy is just that! Students can complete all the necessary graduation requirements through RAM Academy, with the support of teachers, counselors, and administration. Students who are making adequate progress will have the option to be even more flexible with their academic schedule to work from home if deemed appropriate.

    Acceleration: A student who wants to accelerate to graduate early or to allow room in their school day schedule, can take first-time online courses. These first-time courses will be monitored by a RAM Academy coordinator as well as a teacher within that subject area. The student will have the opportunity to ask the subject area teacher questions they have while completing the course (through tutoring sessions in RAM Academy or through email communication). Students will have the grade they earn within the course entered on their transcript and it will count into the student's GPA.

    Motivation: A student seeking extra support after the normal school day, may attend RAM Academy for the following:

    • Homework/Study Space
      • Subject area teachers available for homework help
      • Computer lab to work on projects
    • ACT/SAT
      • Online prep, review, and practice tests
    • Application Help
      • Career & College Promise registration
      • College Applications
      • Scholarships