Boys and Girls Track 2020



    Boys and Girls Track 2021 

    *Please plan for tryouts to start on Monday, April 12th. They will last for 3 days, 3:30-5:00

    Items needed: All 3 pages of Physical forms, concussion form, and all 3 pages of the covid form. This can be found on the athletics page. Please hand in all forms before the tryout date, April 12th, 2021. 

    Please email coaches if interested in trying out and fill out Google Intrest Form being sent out by Homeroom teachers.

    Girls Track Coach: Abrial Gorman,

    Boys Track Coach: Haley Wheeler,



     Track Schedule:

    April 21st: Riverwood is hosting at Clayton High School starting at 4:15

    Week of April 26th: McGee's is hosting, TBD which High School

    May 3rd: Cleveland is hosting at Cleveland High School starting at 4:15

    Week of May 10th: Archer Lodge is hosting, TBD which High School


    *all meets start at 4:15.

    Order Of Events:

    Shot put and Long jump start at the beginnig of the meet and run throughout the meet. 

    100M Hurdles, 1600M, 4x100 relay, 400M, 100M, 4x200 relay, 800M, 200M, 4x400 relay.