• Welcome to Smithfield Middle School AVID

    Smithfield Middle is a part of the International Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program. It is an enrichment class programmed into the regular schedule. In addition, AVID learning strategies are  incorporated into all classes to serve all students at Smithfield Middle. AVID is a stepping-stone to prepare students for honors classes in high school and to become competitive for four-year colleges and universities by providing support for rigorous academic courses.

    AVID is looking for students showing individual determination to work for his or her own success.

     AVID focuses on the following:

    • Cornell Notes – a focused note taking strategy
    • Notebook organization, calendars, assignment records
    • Becoming stronger writers by working on the writing process
    • Developing questioning and answering skills through research and investigations
    • Career and college exploration with guest speakers and field trips
    •  Public speaking skills
    • And much more....

     The AVID Team invites you to learn more about the AVID program by contacting Mrs. J. Valle or Ms. S. Anderson.

    Check out the new Smithfield Middle School AVID website and also the National AVID website.

     Smithfield Middle School AVID Website

     National AVID Website