• Prom Ticket Purchasing Information


    This year, students may purchase their prom ticket[s] online using the same Online Payment System many of families already use for their students' cafeteria accounts. Go to this link to begin the process! https://www.k12paymentcenter.com/ (There is a 4.75% convenience fee for this service.)
    1. Parents/guardians, if you don't already have an Online Payment System account, simply follow the link below, and sign up! You can add your son or daughter's information immediately.
    2. When you've logged in and added you children, select "School Fees" to add tickets to your shopping cart.
    3. Scroll down to West Johnston High School. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU'VE SELECTED THE CORRECT SCHOOL.
    4. Select Payment for Prom Tickets. (NOT CAFETERIA)
    5. Enter the correct amount for the number of prom tickets: $45 for one; $90 for two.
    6. There is a 4.75% convenience fee ($2.14 added to a $45 ticket) to purchase tickets online.
    7. This Google Form, Prom Ticket Verification Form, must be completed immediately for each student purchases a ticket online.
    8. Please note the following about purchasing prom tickets:
      1. Only  juniors or seniors may purchase 1 or 2 tickets maximum; one for him/herself and one for a guest. However, a junior or senior may purchase one additional ticket for a guest in grades 9-12 or an approved guest who is not enrolled at WJHS.
      2. Guests must not be age 21 or older on the day of prom; guests must be in grades 9 and up to attend.  If the guest is not a WJHS student, the purchasing student must complete and submit a prom guest form to administration by April 08, 2020.
      3. All ticket holders and their guests must show picture ID (drivers license, school ID, etc.) at the door.
      4. All ticket holders and their guests must attend school on April 24, 2020 to be allowed entry into prom.
      5. All guests must be escorted by the ticket holder.
      6. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
    9. Please allow up to 48 hours for the school to verify payment and the Google Form information before picking up your ticket packet in the media center.
    10. Ticket packets may be picked up in the media center before school, after school, or during lunches.
    11. Online ticket sales will begin on February 10 and end on March 28, 2020.
    12. On campus ticket sales, in the cafeteria during all lunches, will begin on March 17 and end on March 27, 2020.