Ms. Cary Quillian

Phone: 919-284-3374 ext. 3834


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Fine Arts from UNCG

Ms. Cary Quillian

My Name is Cary Quillian.  I graduated from Lucy Ragsdale Highschool in Jamestown, North Carolina.  I then graduated from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2013 with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Art Education.  I tought my first four years of K-3 Art at Thomasville Primary School in Thomasville, North Carolina and I am currently teaching my third year of 6-8th grade Art at North Johnston Middle School in Kenly, North Carolina.  

  • Open House Flyer 2019/2020

    OPEN HOUSE 2019/2020

    North Johnston Middle 

    6-8 Art with Ms. Cary Quillian

    Dear Parents, 

    I am very excited to begin the new school year!  As your student’s Art Teacher, I hope to Inspire, Challenge, and help your child to blossom artistically through our various projects this year. 

     I can’t wait to see how talented your children are, and look forward to helping them thrive creatively!  Over the course of the year, we will be doing a multitude of assorted projects.


    ***Below is a list of a few things/materials that are required for 6th 7th and 8th grade art classes as well as a class wish list, if you feel compelled to donate :)  

    ~6th, 7th, and 8th Grade:

    -2 #2 Pencils 




    #2 Pencils, Erasers, Small Pencil Sharpeners, Pens, Colored Pencils, Washable Markers, Sharpie Markers, Dry Erase Markers, Index Cards, Post-it notes, Wet wipes, Box of Tissues.



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  • Art Syllabus 6th-8th grade 2019/2020


    6th -8th grade North Johnston Middle Visual Arts Syllabus

    Art with Ms. Quillian


    Welcome to my class!  I am looking forward to these 9 weeks in Art.  Please take a few minutes to read through this letter outlining art room procedures and expectations.


    Course Content:

    In art class, our course of study will focus upon problem-solving, using the elements and principles of design in order to create expressive, but well-organized works of art. We will also focus heavily on basic drawing skills. Students will be exposed to a variety of both two and three-dimensional materials and mediums, and will also have opportunities to write about and discuss their own works, and the works of others.


    1. Students will create artworks using a variety of media and techniques.
    2. Students will identify major artists and styles.
    3. Students will begin to analyze their own artwork, other student’s work and the work of well-known artists through critiques and in-class writing.
    4. Students will develop their own style by creating sketches to plan for major art projects.
    5. Students will create a portfolio of work throughout the course that demonstrates increasing skill and ability
    6. Students will maintain a visual journal in which to keep class notes, sketches, observational items and vocabulary.                
    7. Improve his/her verbal skills by learning the visual vocabulary and apply those terms during class discussions, critique and projects.
    8. Ask questions! Think! Learn! Create! Have fun!


    Just as you have high expectations for me as your teacher, I have high expectations for you as my student.  I expect you to come to class prepared and ready to create original artwork. You are required to bring a pencil with an eraser every day to class.  While you are here, please be responsible with supplies and always be on task so you can do your best work.  If you cannot complete a project or assignment on time, it is your responsibility to speak with me about an extension.  Unexcused or missing work will result in an incomplete or failing grade


    The art room is a place of mutual respect.  I expect you to treat your peers, your teacher (whether a substitute or me), and yourself with the highest level of respect.  Please be polite and do not put down your artwork or the artwork of another classmate. If appropriate behavior becomes a challenge for you, we will meet to find a solution.  If necessary, we will include parents and administrators.


    Effective artists constantly practice their drawing skills in journals or sketchbooks.  As part of the middle school art program, students might be assigned homework.  Due dates and topics will be assigned.  


    Rubrics will focus on concepts I hope you will master during the 9 week period.  These include your understanding of art skills/vocabulary, craftsmanship, problem solving, originality/communication, and self-reflection.  Levels of mastery for each concept will be explained in detail during class.  In addition I will be evaluating your use of class time to develop your skills and complete your projects and assignments.  I believe this to be very important in your artistic development.  


    Special Expectations:

    1.       Come to class prepared, on time, and with required materials.
    2.       Turn in completed projects on time, in assigned location.
    3.       Label all work clearly with first name, last name and period/ grade.
    4.       Clean your entire area at the end of the period. Check the floors for trash, put art materials away in designated location. Make sure chairs are pushed in and tables are wiped down if dirty.
    5.       Absences from school must have a note from home. Extended deadlines on projects will not be given unless this is an excused absence.                     



    Grading Procedures:

    Tests/ Assessments/ Selected Projects: 40%

    Quizzes/ Selected Assignments: 30%

    Classwork: 20%

    Homework: 10%


    Projects are the final evaluation of the student’s ability to demonstrate his/her problem-solving skills as well as mastery of the techniques and ideas learned and practiced in class.  Projects will be graded based upon completion, craftsmanship, and standards. Each project will be given a specific due date. If the student cannot make the due date based on-class work time, he/she will need to take the project home to complete it. 


    Class work grades will include exercises practiced in class leading up to larger projects, some grades will be given based on the student’s ability to participate in class work, follow all class procedures, and remain on task. Students are expected to remain on task for the entire period.

    I am excited to get this year started!

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