Dual Language Teachers



Degrees and Certifications:

Dual Language Teachers


Knowing our Dual Language Teachers:

Maria Begillos/ Kindergarten Teacher

Country: Spain


Belen / Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Country: Spain


Deyanira Chica/ First Grade Teacher

Country: Cali, Colombia


Yuliana Barragan/ First Grade Co-Teacher

Country: Colombia


Yeimy Del Rio/ Second Grade Teacher

Country: Bogota, Colombia

The Cultural component that is added to her lessons: Comparison between the celebrations in her country with the ones in the U.S and also celebrates culture by implementing and encouraging students to create drawings, foldable and/or items with recycled material that represent other countries’ culture.

Maria Avila/ Third Grade Teacher

Country: Bogota, Colombia

The Cultural component that is added to her lessons: Compare and contrast South American culture, specifically Colombian culture, with the American culture. Interesting facts, celebrations, literature, art, music, and traditions to enrich lessons and discussions. Being in Dual Language class allows students to become global thinkers.


Sandra Mejia/ Fourth Grade Teacher

Country: Bogota, Colombia


Jefferson Mosquera/ Fifth Grade Teacher

Country: Granada Meta, Colombia.

The Cultural component that is added to his lessons: Culture capsules illustrating the most important costumes from Colombia. Sports, food, places, music, and expressions will be presented to the students in order to compare and contrast the foreign customs and traditions with their own.


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