• According to Participatelearning.com, "Dual language education programs provide powerful opportunities to strengthen children’s cognitive potential. Literacy development in two languages and exposure to cultural experiences impact key areas.

    Research shows that bilingual people have improved their:

    • mental health,
    • academic performance, and
    • preparation for the future.

    It also shows that people who speak multiple languages are more developed in certain areas of the brain."


  • Students in the dual language program at Polenta Elementary School have instruction in Spanish and English.  In grades K-3rd, students have one English speaking teacher and one Native Spanish speaking teacher.  One day they learn the grade level curriculum in English and the next day the Spanish teacher continues the lesson or instruction in Spanish. This is a 50/50 model of immersion. In 4th-5th grades, students have one teacher teacher that code switches between the two languages equally during instruction.