• Attendance Policies and Procedures

    The State of North Carolina specifies that a student must be present 91% of all class meetings in order to receive credit for a course during any grading period. Therefore, students may not have class absences, (excused or unexcused) exceeding 4 days per quarter, 8 days per semester, or 16 days per year in order to receive credit for the particular course. 

    A student who misses more than the allowable number of days in a class each grading period will receive a grade no higher than 69 for that grading period in that class. The principal may waive the 91% requirement in extremely unusual circumstances. Students being considered for waiver must be able to account for all days missed during the grading period with legitimate (i.e. doctor, lawyer, etc.) notes. Students must be in regular attendance to do their best work. We encourage our students to attend school regularly. 

    When students are absent they must bring a note from their parent/guardian explaining the reason for their absence. The note needs to contain the child's first and last name along with the date and reason for the absence. If the student has a doctor's appointment a note from the doctor should be returned to school when the student returns. Students must turn in their note to their homeroom teacher. Students without notes are marked unexcused.
    In the state of North Carolina the only valid/lawful excuses for absences are:

    1. Illness or injury
    2. Quarantine
    3. Death in the immediate family
    4. Medical or dental appointment (bring doctor's note)
    5. Court proceedings (bring note from clerk of court)
    6. Religious observances (prior approval of principal)
    7. Educational opportunity (prior approval of principal)