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  • Students can be dropped off at 7:20 in the carpool line.  Students are not allowed to be dropped off in the front circle. 

    The caferteria opens for breakfast at 7:20.

    Students are counted tardy at 7:45 and will need to come to the office for a pass.

    Students have to stay until 11:30 or be dropped off by 11:30 in order to be counted present for the day. 

    With the change back to a regular daily schedule that ends at 3:10, we ask that parents not pick up students after 2:30 in the afternoon.  We appreciate their efforts that will allow our office and administrative staff to focus on afternoon transportation issues and athletic issues that arise.  We always work hard to mitigate issues so that our families don't feel the impact; however, having this dedicated time allows us to continue that practice.