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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors in Elementary Education 1-6 Bachelors in Special Education Cross Categorical K-12 Master in Reading and Literacy 1-6 Master Special Education K-12

Mrs. Kristina Beckett

Summer break is June -August 20th. I hope you enjoy the break and get yourselves rested and ready for the fall semester. At this time we are still going to wear a mask while we are in the building. The administration is fantastic at keeping everyone updated as soon as they know anything. Please check the school website, class dojo, school story, email and phone calls.

Our school supply list:

Copy paper


Glue sticks

Hand sanitizer


colored pencils

Paper towels




Welcome to Mrs. Beckett and Mrs.Hale's class. We are a mixed classroom of grade levels, which we truly enjoy. So our day can be very busy with students going to grade level BEP's, lunch and recess with their peers. We are working on phonics, learning the alphabet, numbers, reading and how to get along with each other. We will try to make sure to post on class dojo so that all of you can see the different things your students are doing daily. 

Expectations for our classroom are to at least try your best. Try first and then if you still need help, ask a teacher. We are trying to help the students to work as independently as they can and to use good manners. 

Since our students go with different classes to BEP's, lunch and recess I will not post all of the BEP schedule. I can give each individual family a schedule if needed, but we have it on a bulletin board to help encourage the students to become responsible for themselves. 

Every Friday we have a rally in the gym as a whole school to get rewards and positive thoughts for our six different houses. This is a good community building for our school so that each person feels a sense of belonging. 





I moved here from Arizona, which is on the west coast. I have been in North Carolina for 5 years now and I am loving it. My youngest son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter live here in Clayton. They had been stationed at Fort Bragg and decided to stay here and not go back to Arizona. My husband and I decided that we liked it here enough to move here so that we could be near our granddaughter. We have two other sons, one of which is still in Arizona with his wife and their four-legged boy (Baxter) our middle son lives in South Dakota with his wife and our 12 year old granddaughter.

It has been a big change for us, but we have felt so welcomed. Our home is in the Cleveland area, we have downsized from the house we had in Arizona, but we are in an area where we are not right up next to our neighbors, which we are truly enjoying. We have a front porch and back deck that we can barbeque and just relax on. My husband loves to garden so with the bigger yard he has been able to plant vegetables. We have two dogs Jasper a Shih Tzu and Maggie a German Shepard/Corgie. We love the weather here and it is so nice getting to go to the beach in just a short drive.

I am so thankful to work at West Clayton Elementary. Everyone has been wonderful and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and working with your children.


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