Mrs. Stacey Phillips



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Mrs. Stacey Phillips

I am so excited to be at ALMS as a Teaching and Learning Coach!  This is my twelfth year working for Johnston County Schools.  My husband works at Corinth-Holders Elementary School and we have two boys.  Aidan is an eighth grader at ALMS and Connor is a fifth grader at RiverDell Elementary.  I enjoy traveling with my family and working on home decor projects.  We have a dog named Cutch who was named after a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball player and a cat named Spirit who was my Christmas present in 2014.  Both of my boys play travel baseball so you can find me on a field almost every weekend throughout the school year.  

I have been given a great opportunity to work together with our teachers in order to acheive continuous improvement.   My goals are to work alongside teachers to provide the resources and tools needed for us to take risks this year, to make learning fun, and to foster that flame for learning in students that will last a lifetime.  Our focus will remain on the three key tenents of JoCo 2020; forming relationships between teachers, students and the community, making our learning relevant, and being innovators.  We will reach outside our comfort zones because that is where true growth happens.  We will sometimes fail because when you take risks, that is what happens.  Again, this is where true learning takes place.  We will teach our students the same.  It is o.k. to make mistakes and learn from them.  Finally, we will be innovative in how we teach students.  We all come to school with different abilities and talents.  We must acknowledge this in order to reach all students.  We must provide a variety of ways to learn to meet thieir needs.  I am up for this challenge because I believe most teachers, students, and parents feel the same.  We sometimes just don´t always have the answers of how to get there.  Please take this leap of faith with me because our students deserve it!   If they are going to be ready for thier future careers and lives ahead of them, we can no longer keep doing what we have always done.  Today is a great day to change, one little step at a time!   


The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is not the brains they are born with, but their approach to life, the messages they receive about their potential, and the opportunities they have to learn.           Boaler, 2016