• Cleveland High School
    Cleveland High School opened the doors for school on August 25, 2010 with 585 Freshman & Sophomores. The first year all of the sports except football competed at the varsity level. The football team played a jv schedule and went undefeated. 

    The first graduating class walked across the stage on June 8, 2013. The first class to finish 4 full years at Cleveland High School walked across the state on June 13, 2014. The first two graduations were forced inside due to rainy weather. 
    List Original Staff Members (2010)
    2010-2015 Anne Meredith (Retired) 
    2015-2017 Kendrick Byrd 

    2017-        Jenna Sauls-Hairr 

    Assistant Principals
    2010-2015 Jenna Sauls 
    2010-2014 Brian Johnson 
    2012-2014 Lorine Davis 
    2012-2016 Anthony Whitaker
    2013-2016 Tara Thompson 
    2013-2016 Cole Yarborough
    2015-2017 Shannon Sellers 
    2016-        Jake McAllister
    2016-2017 Angel Shepherd 
    2016-2017Divern Combs

    2017- Cora Godwin

    2017-Roger Norris

    2017-Timerly Harrington 

    Old Cleveland School (located near Cleveland Fire Station) 

    The original Cleveland School opened it's doors in 1925 with 1-12 grade. The building still stands and is used as a retirement community. 

    As the school and community grew larger, the County Administrators realized that they were going to have to expand the school or move some of the students. In 1969, students in grades 9-12 were moved to the new South Johnston High School. 

    The remaining students would continue to attend Cleveland School until the late 90's when Cleveland Elementary and Cleveland Middle School were built. 

    First Graduating Class
    The new Cleveland High School opened it's doors on August 25, 2010. The   first graduating class graduated in June of 2013. The first two graduations had to be held inside due to large amounts of rain. In June of 2013 a tropical storm hit and having it outside was impossible. We moved graduation to Saturday hoping the rain would break but ultimately the elements won out. We broadcast the graduation in the Auditorium so the over flow crowd could see the graduation.