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    Tryout Information 2020-2021

     There is currently no date for workouts or tryouts for middle school at this time.

    Ryan Rudisill, Athletic Director



    It is critical for any student having an interest in trying out for athletic teams in the 2020-2021 school year to submit the Sports Physical Form (completed by a physician-signed and dated-make sure they checked cleared) and the Concussion Statement/Form at the beginning of tryouts.  These should be turned in to the coach on the first day of tryouts.  To confirm they are correct you may email a copy(front and back of physical) and front of concussion form to . I can confirm if they are correct. 


    Sports Tryout information


    Middle School Athletics:

    The North Carolina State Board of Education changed their policy regarding interscholastic athletics in 2016-2017. The new policy allows for 6th graders to participate in all athletics with the exception of Middle School Football. The policy does allow the local LEA to determine whether or not 6th graders may participate in Middle School Athletics. The Johnston County Public Schools Board of Education discussed the policy change and decided that JCPS will follow the North Carolina State Board of Education's recommendation. Rising JCPS 6th graders interested in participating in middle school athletics will be permitted to tryout for the team and will be expected to meet all standards and conditions that 7th/8th grade students have met in the past.

    Athletic Eligibility: 

    Fifth (5th) graders promoted to the 6th grade are eligible to participate in sports the first nine (9) weeks which is the same as an 8th grader promoted to the 9th grade (First Report Card).



     In order to be eligible for athletics students in 6th (after first 9 week quarter), 7th and 8th must meet local promotion standards and have a 70% average from the previous semester.


    Legal Birth & Age Limits: 

    The principal must have evidence of the legal birth date of the student. A student shall not participate on a 6th, 7th or 8th grade middle school team if he/she becomes 15 years of age on or before August 31st of the current school year.


    Legal Residency: You must live in the Riverwood Middle School district or have approved student reassignment paperwork filed with the Johnston County Public Schools.

    Concussion Forms: You must have a concussion form filled out and turned in before you step on the field or court. 


    Medical Examination: The student must receive a medical examination signed by a licensed medical doctor each year (365 days). The signed physical form must be turned in to the coaches/school before the student can tryout or participate.


    Attendance:  Rising 7th and 8th graders cannot be absent from school more than 8 days from previous semester.