Mrs. Hoyt. 4th Grade

What's Up in 4th Grade?

  • We have been so busy, it hardly seems like the first month is over.  Below is a brief summary of everything that has been going on.


    We have started in our new curriculum.  Our theme for this first unit is What Makes us Who We Are.  Ask your student about how Flora saved Ulysses the squirrel in our first story.   We are also reading the novel Fourth Grade Rats by Jerry Spinelli.  It’s a humorous story about how a new fourth grader copes with the changes in his grade.


    Grammar Study

    Ask your student about our "Caught Ya."  At the beginning of each class, students copy a phrase or two from the smartboard which is rife with mistakes.  Students try to figure out the mistakes so that I don't 'catch' them.  On Fridays, the papers are taken up and assessed for completion.  Currently, we are learning about an obnoxious new teacher named Mrs. Fiddle. Students are following the story about how the class teachers Mrs. Fiddle to be nice, while learning about dialogue, commas, proper nouns, and even some million dollar vocabulary words.  They are really enjoying this activity.



    Students have written a personal narrative.  They were asked to write about the coolest thing they did this summer. 

    Program of Inquiry

    Our central idea for this unit is how culture and diversity change our perspective.  This unit is linked to our social studies curriculum.  We will be learning about how the different cultures in North Carolina over the years connect.    



    We are learning about multiplication, arrays, factors, and multiple as well as prime, composite, and squares.