• Kathy and Dicky Parrish
    Kathy Parrish with husband and Dicky Parrish

    2019 Selma Elementary School

    Adult Volunteer of the Year

    Kathy Parrish


    At Selma Elementary, we all recognize how fortunate we are to have a community of such loving and dedicated individuals surrounding us, opening and sharing their hearts with our students and staff. Few hearts are more open and loving than Mrs. Katherine Batten Parrish.

    It is a joy to see Mrs. Parrish in our building each week. She always dons a huge smile and gives an enthusiastic greeting to everyone she passes. She is always sure to genuinely ask how things are going and offer kind words and conversation.

    Mrs. Parrish is always willing to lend a helping hand. We know that whenever a situation arises where we need support at our school, be it supplies, materials, snacks, or physical assistance, Mrs. Parrish is willing to help us find the resources, most of the time, lending her own personal time and energy. One of numerous examples of such is her dedication to ensuring that our students have plenty of food to eat during the weekends and long breaks through her devotion to our Backpack Buddies program. Not only does she organize the collection and packaging of the bags at her church, but, faithfully, Mrs. Parrish is at SES weekly to hand deliver those same bags. It is a pleasure to see her loading up her cart full of bags to bring into the building, because you know that she is going to bring her positive energy and pleasant demeanor, as well. These positive qualities are guaranteed, despite bad weather, exhausting days or extra loads of bags due to extended weekends or breaks.

    It’s never a surprise to see Mrs. Parrish supporting, or even serving at, school events. From being a spectator at our yearly Faculty-Student Basketball game or a patron at our Family Nights to working with her church to serve our staff a Welcome Back lunch at the beginning of each year to sending our fourth graders off to middle school at the end of each year with an annual cookout and celebration, Mrs. Parrish makes no hesitation when it comes to sharing her heart with SES and showing that she cares.

    Mrs. Parrish is no stranger in our classrooms, either. She has been a great help to our school and to several teachers in our building. She is always willing to help teachers prepare materials for events or units and will spend long periods of time cutting, sorting, and organizing materials in classrooms. She is a dedicated volunteer for state testing is always willing to serve as a proctor or hall monitor. Recently. Mrs. Parrish has  spent the better part of a day inside of our clothes closet, helping to organize and fold clothing items so that teachers could quickly and easily find things for their students.

    It is with great pleasure that we recognize Mrs. Parrish as our 2018 - 2019 Volunteer of the Year. We proudly celebrate the opportunity to highlight her commitment to Selma Elementary School and our students and staff. She truly has a heart Selma and we are forever grateful for that. Thank you, Mrs. Parrish for your devotion, commitment, and most importantly, for having a heart for Selma Elementary School.


  • SES Family Volunteers We LOVE Volunteers at SES!

    The board of education is aware of the value of community involvement through the use of volunteers in the Johnston County Schools. The talents, activities, and service of volunteers and organizations will enhance the public school programs through tutoring, counseling and cultural programs, and other special areas of volunteerism. Volunteers are welcome in the Johnston County Schools so long as their presence is in the best interest of the school.

    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please click to review these Volunteer Web Instructions.

    Level I-Requires only the signature of the school principal and is intended for activities that do not involve supervising students, such as clerical work, resource speaker, outdoor projects, PTA fundraisers/activities, athletic concessions, room parent, field day volunteer, school fair, or test proctor.

    Level II-Requires a criminal records background check and approval through central services. This level is intended for individuals who may be involved in supervising students, such as tutors, field trip or dance chaperones, coaches, mentors, etc.

    Individuals interested in serving as school volunteers must register and complete a Volunteer Application.


    Selma Elementary School Policy:

    Visitors and volunteers are always welcome.  For the safety of all of our students, we require that all visitors and volunteers

    • Complete a volunteer registration form for service as Level I or Level II volunteers online at www.jcsvolunteers.com.

    • Report to the office upon arrival;

    • Provide identification to receptionist;

    • Wear an identification badge (Visitor or Volunteer) at all times;

    • Sign in as VOLUNTEER or VISITOR which helps track volunteer hours and recognitions