• SES Family Volunteers We LOVE Volunteers at SES!

    The board of education is aware of the value of community involvement through the use of volunteers in the Johnston County Schools. The talents, activities, and service of volunteers and organizations will enhance the public school programs through tutoring, counseling and cultural programs, and other special areas of volunteerism. Volunteers are welcome in the Johnston County Schools so long as their presence is in the best interest of the school.

    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please click to review these Volunteer Web Instructions.

    Level I-Requires only the signature of the school principal and is intended for activities that do not involve supervising students, such as clerical work, resource speaker, outdoor projects, PTA fundraisers/activities, athletic concessions, room parent, field day volunteer, school fair, or test proctor.

    Level II-Requires a criminal records background check and approval through central services. This level is intended for individuals who may be involved in supervising students, such as tutors, field trip or dance chaperones, coaches, mentors, etc.

    Individuals interested in serving as school volunteers must register and complete a Volunteer Application.


    Selma Elementary School Policy:

    Visitors and volunteers are always welcome.  For the safety of all of our students, we require that all visitors and volunteers

    • Complete a volunteer registration form for service as Level I or Level II volunteers online at www.jcsvolunteers.com.

    • Report to the office upon arrival;

    • Provide identification to receptionist;

    • Wear an identification badge (Visitor or Volunteer) at all times;

    • Sign in as VOLUNTEER or VISITOR which helps track volunteer hours and recognitions