• We LOVE Volunteers at SES!

    Johnston County Public Schools welcomes and appreciates volunteers in our schools!  Research shows that when families and communities are involved in school, children have an increased likelihood of being successful in academics and social interactions. Please read the following information to learn how to become a volunteer and support our schools!

    JCPS Volunteers can be approved on two different levels:

    Level 1:  A Level 1 Volunteer requires only the approval of the school principal and does not require a criminal records background check. A Level 1 Volunteer is intended for activities that do not involve direct and independent supervision of students. Such activities include, but are not limited to: field trips, clerical work, resource speaker, outdoor projects, our SES PTCO fundraisers/activities, athletic concessions, room parent, field day volunteer, school fair, or working with small groups of students while supervised by a school employee.

    Level 2: A Level 2 Volunteer requires principal approval as well as a criminal records background check and district approval. Level 2 approval is at the discretion of District Administrators. A Level 2 Volunteer is intended for activities that include, but are not limited to: tutors who directly supervise students, field trip or dance chaperones, coaches, mentors, or any other activity where a volunteer is directly and independently responsible for supervising students.

    New Volunteer Information:  

    Individuals interested in serving as a school volunteer must register and complete an online volunteer application. Click www.jcsvolunteers.com to register. Once on the JCPS volunteer website, click ‘New Volunteer’ to begin the process. Answer all of the questions on the application and select ‘Save’.

    Existing Volunteer Information:

    After July 1st of each year, current volunteers must access their account at www.jcsvolunteers.com and reactivate their volunteer status. To reactivate your account:  (1) Go to the website and enter your login and password information. (2) Review your account information and make any necessary changes. (3) Answer the ‘Yes or No’ question near the bottom of the application, and then click ‘Save’. If you do not know your login and password information, go to www.jcsvolunteers.com  and click ‘Forgot Your Password? Click Here’. Enter your email address and the system will send your login and password information to you.


    Selma Elementary School Policy:

    Visitors and volunteers are always welcome.  For the safety of all of our students, we require that all visitors and volunteers:

    • Complete a volunteer registration form for service as Level I or Level II volunteers online.  We ave staff members that can assist you in completing the process. 

    • Report to the office upon arrival;

    • Provide identification to the receptionist;

    • Wear an identification badge (Visitor or Volunteer) at all times;

    • Sign in as VOLUNTEER or VISITOR which helps track volunteer hours and recognitions