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    Junior/Senior Campus Self-Checkout Early College Academy recognizes the unique student life of its juniors and seniors attending a High School that shares a campus with a Community College. JCECA understands the need for its students, especially Juniors and Seniors, to develop time management and independent life management skills that will be necessary for students who will be matriculating to traditional University and College Campuses. With this in mind, JCECA is adopting a policy that will allow Juniors and Seniors in good academic standing and who provide their own transportation to school, to leave JCC campus during the school day between classes. Students must adhere to the following guidelines: 1. Students will have to sign out in the “Den” on the day that they are leaving campus. 2. Students must provide their own transportation. 3. Under no circumstances can students transport other students off campus. 4. Students may not miss class or be tardy for class. 5. Students must adhere to all transportation and parking regulations of JCC. 6. Students that receive driving violations such as speeding tickets can have their permit revoked. 7. Students must be in good academic standing as determined by the Principal. 8. Students who violate any part of the JCS Student Code of Conduct or the JCC Code of Student conduct can have their permit revoked. 9. Students may not walk off campus. 10. Parents must sign the bottom of this form. 11. The student must sign the bottom of this form and return it to the ECA Office. By signing this form I agree to adhere to the polices and procedures as described above.

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