Obtaining a Level  I  Limited Learner’s Permit


    North Carolina HAS LEGISLATION (HB769-Section I. G.S. 20-11) that reflects a statewide effort to motivate and encourage students to complete high school. The revocation of a student’s driving permit or license will result if a student is unable to maintain adequate academic progress or drops out of school. 

    The following items will be needed to obtain a level I Limited Learner’s Permit: 

    1. Original copy of birth certificate will be needed. (Your name has to be identical to your Driver Education Certificate. You have to be at least 15 years old before applying for a permit.)
    2. Original Social Security Card or printout from the Social Security Administration will be needed.
    3. Driver Education Certificate with a gold seal (issued upon successful completion of Driver Education) will be needed. YOUR DRIVER EDUCATION CERTIFICATE IS NOT A PERMIT TO DRIVE!
    4.  A DRIVING ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATE must be obtained by your parent or legal guardian from your school principal or his/her designee. To receive your Driving Eligibility Certificate, you must present the following: (1) An original birth certificate, and (2) Your Driver Education Certificate with the gold seal.  This identification is needed to ensure that the student’s legal name and correct date of birth appear on the Driving Eligibility Certificate.  The parent or legal guardian must obtain the certificate. The Driving Eligibility Certificate and Proof of Residency is valid for only 30 days. 

      *Note:  It may take up to 24 hours or more for a school to issue a Driving Eligibility Certificate.

    5. Both the applicant and another person must sign the application.  The applicant’s parent or guardian if the parent or guardian resides in this state and is qualified to be a supervising driver must sign the application. A supervising driver must be a licensed driver who can prove he/she has been licensed to drive for at least five years.  In all circumstances, that person must be an adult approved by DMV.          
    6. You must have the fee of $20.00 in cash to cover the cost of Level I Limited Learner’s Permit is needed.
    7. Proof of full name and birth date (any of the following may be presented)
      1. Passport              
      2. State ID Card
      3. Copy of school transcript (must have raised school seal and be placed in a sealed envelope)
      4. Birth Certificate (original or certified copy, not a photo copy or hospital issued certificate) 
      5. Proof of Residency

       The following tests are required for a Level I Limited Learner’s Permit:

                          1.  Written Test       2.  Sign Test     3.  Eye test
                             (No Driving Test when you obtain a Learner's Permit.)  

                          NC Driver License Offices are Located at:
    3783 US 301 Hwy S, Smithfield         934-3187
                         1665 Old U.S. Hghwy W., Clayton      550-2351
                           Normal Hours are 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.   

       The following items are required by DMV to issue a Driver’s License:

    1. Driver’s Permit      
    2. DL 123 (Proof of liability insurance, issued by driver’s insurance company.) 
    3. A Driving test is required at the time when you apply for the driver's license. 


    For homeschool students taking Driver's Ed through ECA:

    You may need this website (www.ncdnpe.org) to get your Driver Eligibility Certificate (academic form) before you go to the DMV for a Permit. Log in to your homeschool account on the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education. Then find the following information:
    Print Your Official Registration Record and Verification Card: This page allows you to print a copy of your official Registration Record. This record should be given to any school from which you are withdrawing your student or used any time you need to prove you have a legally open home school.