• Standards-Based Teaching and Learning

    What is Standards Based Grading?

    Standards Based Grading


    What is a CCR Anchor standard?

    A College & Career Ready anchor standard is a skill that high school graduates should have in order to be ready for entry into the world of work or postsecondary education. Click here for further clarification.


    What is the difference between a priority vs. supporting standard?

    A priority standard is a standard that students must know and be able to do by the end of the school year, in order to be prepared for the next grade level. A supporting standard connects to, supports, or enhances the priority standard.


    What is a proficiency scale?

    A proficiency scale represents the progression of learning targets in regard to our current North Carolina standards. Click here to see JCPS proficiency scales and their corresponding standards. Proficiency scales are only created for priority standards. To access the proficiency scales, click on the linked standard. For more information, regarding performance indicators (N, B, P, M), click here.


    What does this look like on my child’s report card?

    Click here to access the “I Can” statements as they appear on this year’s report card. The Spanish “I Can” statements are also listed. Make sure you click on the appropriate tab at the bottom of the linked document.

    Acronym Key for Proficiency Scales & Standards Documents

    P = Priority Standard

    SS = Supporting Standard




    Social Studies

    RL = Reading Literature

    OA = Operations & Algebraic Thinking

    P = Physical Science

    H = History

    RI = Reading Informational Text

    NBT = Number & Operations in Base Ten

    E = Earth Science

    G = Geography & Environmental Literacy

    RF = Reading Foundations

    MD = Measurement & Data

    L = Life Science

    E = Economics & Financial Literacy

    W = Writing

    G = Geometry


    C&G = Civics & Government

    SL = Speaking & Listening


    C = Culture

    L = Language