• CMS Athletic Booster Club


    Who they are

    • They are a group of parents that work very hard to help our athletics and athletes.


    What they do

    • They try and support our athletic program as much as they can.
    • They do that by purchasing things such as equipment, uniforms and beautification products/projects for the school.
    • They also hold fundraisers. But the money they get from the fundraisers go right back into the sports program.


    Extra things they do

    • They run all the concession stands at our home games. So when you buy things from the concession stand you are helping the school.
    • They ran and planned the whole dance. The dance raised almost $3,000.


    What the money buys

    • So far this year this is what the money bought,
    • Uniforms - $6,000
    • Equipment - $5,000
    • Beautification - $3,000


    Their goal

    • The Booster Club’s whole goal is to make our student athletes feel confident by having everything they need to represent our school and feel that they can take on any of our competitors. We all want to build better athletes.


    So the next time you buy something from the concession stand or you put on your jersey remember to thank the Booster Club and to make your school proud!