Last Updated on 3 June 2021

    Greetings - Welcome Back young Pirates - Let's Get Back to Restoring 


    It's bee a long time coming, but it appears we're finally moving in the direction of what will become our "new normal".  We encourage all of you to get vaccinated (if you haven't already) and to continue following all of the necessary CoVid-19 safety measures.  

    Parents, students, and friends... please keep a close eye on the Corinth Holders H.S. website for the latest information and updates throughout the summer. I will be updating the Pirate Battalion website over the next two months, so watch out for our plans for the upcoming school year.  Right now we're discussing how we're going to host a JROTC Summer Orientation Camp for our incoming Freshmen cadets (and all others that just want to see what JROTC is about)... this will likely be a three day camp between the 9th and 13th of August. We're already making plans to reform all of our performing and competitive Drill and Exhibition Teams (the Color Guard, the Saber Team, Regulation and Exhibition Drill, the Raider Team, and our JROTC Quiz Bowl/JLAB Team).  We'll be releasing the proposed cadet Chain of Command late in the summer (as soon as we get our class rosters/assignments for next August).  Don't forget that when we return in August - we hit the ground running with color guar support and parking support for football games, parade practices for September and October parades, and much more.

    I sincerely want to thank all of you who supported our recent JROTC carwash fundraiser, back on May 22nd.  It was impressive watching how hard some of our cadets (and boosters/parents were working).  We made a lot of money - cars were continuously flowing from start to finish.

    Next Year will be a critical year in our re-building and unit preparation.  The SAI (LTC Stallings) will be teaching the LET 2s, 3s, and 4s, while the AI (SFC McLaurin) will be teaching 3x blocks of LET 1 cadets.  This will allow us to focus on quickly growing the battalion back to its normal strength.  That said, LET 2s/3s/ and 4s should all return with expectations and desires of focusing on leadership and leading by example... right from the start.  We hope many of you will spend some time reviewing your text books, notes, and handbooks this summer.


    Here are some answers to some of the recent Frequently Asked Questions (Ref CHHS JROTC):

    • JROTC Military Ball - for 2022 will likely be scheduled in March 2022 (exact date is TBD) location will be the N. Raleigh Hilton. More to follow on this.
    • JROTC Ad Booklet/Fundraiser Project - The Ad Booklet project will be re-kindled this summer.  Expect the first draft in early September 2021.  Although the publication date will be pushed back.  We will comb trough ads received and hope to locate even the ads turned in but not paid for. Covid-19 distorted this effort, but we will put our best foot forward and complete this project.  
    • JROTC Uniforms. Cadets planning to return to JROTC next year were asked to keep their uniforms over the summer, but those not returning should have turned in their uniforms.  Please act on this ASAP.  Returning cadets please have your uniforms dry cleaned right away so they can be properly stored for the summer.
    • JROTC classes - will be conducted in-person/in school only next fall.  It will not be one of the available classes for remote learning students.  
    • Stay Tuned for the up and coming JROTC Buliten Board - Soon we'll have a few scrolling notes for you to see and pass on to all of the other cadets that you stay in contact with throughout the summer.  Just some things you can help pass along. 
    •  OUR CREED