Upcoming Events 

    We're very busy in JROTC. Here are some of the important upcoming events to keep you updated! (See calender at the bottom of the main JROTC page for more information)


    • Nov 2: Home football game (CG and parking)
    • Nov 3: Pancake Breakfast (8a.m.-11a.m.)
    • Nov 3: CB Aycock drill meet 
    • Nov 6: Booster club meeting
    • Nov 7: CHHS Vets. Day Program 
    • Nov 8: Zebulon Vets. Day Celebration (CG) 
    • Nov 11: Archers Lodge Vets. Day Program (CG)
    • Noc 12: JoCo Vets. Day Program at community center
    • Nov 17: Overhills Raider/Drill Meet 
    • Dec 2: Archers Lodge Xmas Parade