Last Updated on 3 August 2021

    Welcome Back Pirates 

    What a season we've experienced since February 2019?  Now it's time to move through our "New Normal" and restore some of the great things we've had to go without for almost two years.  We look forward to Drill and Raider competitions, the Color Guard and other teams supporting CHHS events, after-school practices, fundraising, community service projects, promotion boards, uniform and professional dress days, awards and promotions ceremonies, command and staff meetings, hosting our annual JROTC Military Ball, and mostly... developing our young cadets into strong/confident/ and capable student leaders.  We've got our work cut out for us... hold on to your hats and remember - "you'll only get out of it - what you put into it!".  Commit right now to making this school year one of your best ever.

    A few health and safety notes for all:  We encourage everyone to do everything you can to protect yourself and others from the spread of Covid-19 (wear your masks, wash your hands often, get vaccinated, and remember to practice social distancing).  We're not out of the woods yet.  Stay very mindful of the hazards associated with the mad rush back to school (watch out for carelessness on our roads/highways/and our campus), dress appropriately for the weather and your surroundings (follow the the school dress codes).  This is a great time for updating your annual physicals, especially if you're considering strenuous physical activity or athletic teams (including JROTC physical training, and our Raider Team). 

    Parents/cadets/friends... please keep a close watch on the ever changing CHHS website for the latest information and updates throughout the year.  I will do my best to routinely update the JROTC website, with the help of an appointed responsible S5/public affairs cadet web manager.  Please monitor/track our JROTC events schedule using multiple means: ask your student/cadet - they're briefed updates daily, check our JROTC website, join and attend our JROTC Booster club and it's monthly meetings, and finally - ask your cadet to show you his/her JROTC event's calendar. 

    This year will be a critical year in our re-building and continued unit preparation.  The SAI (LTC Stallings) will be teaching the LET 2s, 3s, and 4s, while the AI (SFC McLaurin) will be teaching 3x blocks of LET 1/first year cadets.  This will allow us to focus on quickly growing the battalion back to its normal strength.  That said, LET 2s/3s/ and 4s should all return with expectations and desires of focusing on leadership and leading by example... right from the start.  We've got a lot of work to do.  We hope many of you will spend some time reviewing your text books, notes, and handbooks this summer.  There will not be a Freshmen cadet orientation camp this year.  Instead, we will open our year with a one day general information review on 12 August... from 8:30 am to 2:pm (open to all cadets, old and new).

    • Here are some answers to some of the recent Frequently Asked Questions (Ref CHHS JROTC):

      • JROTC Military Ball - for 2022 will likely be scheduled in March 2022 (exact date is TBD) location will be the N. Raleigh Hilton. More to follow on this.
      • JROTC Ad Booklet/Fundraiser Project - The Ad Booklet project will be finalized this first semester.  Expect the first draft in early September/October 2021.  Although the publication date will be pushed back.  We will comb trough ads received and hope to locate even the ads turned in but not paid for. Covid-19 distorted this effort, but we will put our best foot forward and complete this project.  
      • JROTC Uniforms. All returning cadets MUST "Dry clean" and inspect/prepare your uniforms for wear or refit immediately.  Returning cadets will be given two weeks  after returning to school to coordinate for any replacement/refit items or uniform parts.  Any cadet with a uniform but not planning to return to JROTC should have their uniform dry cleaned/inventoried/ inspected and turn it in ASAP. New LET 1 cadets will be issued their JROTC uniforms soon after the beginning of the school year/exact date is TBD (to be determined).
      • JROTC classes - will be conducted in-person/in school only next fall.  It will not be one of the available classes for remote learning students.  
      • Calendar Events: 2 Aug Instructors returned to school, 9-10 Aug Freshmen and new student orientation, 12 Aug JROTC refresher training/review, 19 Aug CHHS Open House 4-7pm, 23 Aug students return to CHHS,  2 Oct Wendell HF Parade, 9 Oct CHS IronMan, 16 Oct Knightdale HS Drill meet