Last Updated on 4 Jul 2020

    Hang In There - Stay Safe - Don't Forget to Work on "Self"

    Monitor: News/Governor's updates/JoCo School updates - you're responsible 

    Final Farewells and Congrats to our newly Graduated" Seniors... you've not been forgotten.  We still have a special gift of thanks for all of you

    The CHHS Pirate Battalion will not be hosting our annual JROTC Orientation Camp this year in August. There will be CHHS JROTC information Flyers available to all potential/new/and interested cadets in the front office, the CHHS Front page, and the Pirate Battalion page on 1 August 2020.

    ALL cadets not planning on returning to the JROTC ranks in the Fall '2020 are expected to clean and return their uniforms to the front office as soon as possible (No exceptions).  Graduates/Seniors of 2020 - should have already turned in their uniforms to the front office.  IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO... Do So Immediately!!   

    The SAI/AI would like to thanak all of you for your patience... most of you for your cooperation/and some of you for your participation as we closed out the 2019-2020 school year.  It was definitely an ending like we've never experienced before.  We hope and trust that all of you and your families have and will continue to practiced all necessary safety measures

    Parents, you should know that your student/cadet is in fact receiving daily JROTC assignments/taskings.  Assignments range from read/self-teach lessons and answer questions at the end of a lesson, post or turn in a recorded audio or video requirement, answer discussion questions, conduct small research projects and respond, attend video teleconferences, take online quizzes, and etc.  Cadets are also required to attend at least one sometimes two JROTC instructor lead video teleconferences per week (LTC Stallings' sessions are on Wednesday and Thursday mornings). 

    Here are some answers to some of the recent Frequently Asked Questions (Ref CHHS JROTC):

    • JROTC Military Ball - has been canceled and will not be rescheduled for this year.  Steps have been taken to mail refunds to those who purchased tickets (thanks for your patience).  To the JROTC Booster Club, The N. Raleigh Hilton has agreed to refund the security deposit (I'll continue to check on when we should expect it).
    • JROTC Ad Booklet/Fundraiser Project - The Ad Booklet project is still ongoing, although the publication date will be pushed back.  Cadets/Parents please continue to sell ads "properly, and with honor and integrity".  More information will be put out at a later date on how/where/when to turn in payment and print ready Ads.
    • JCLC - has been canceled for this summer.  Students interested and that were on the list this year will receive priority next year as long as they continue to remain fully qualified. 
    • JROTC Uniforms and equipment turn in - Graduating Seniors should immediately locate, inventory, "dry clean"/clean, all required uniforms and other items and prepare them for turn-in. We will release guidance soon on the turn in for seniors.  All other cadets should locate their uniforms & associated items, however they are still required to wear them on Wednesdays.  These cadets will await disposition instructions, but for now continue to wear uniforms as directed on Wednesdays. 
    • May 20 - Proposed Uniform Turn-turn in date:  For Seniors and ALL other cadets not returning to JROTC NEXT SEMESTER. Uniform Drop-off will be at CHHS (specific location will follow at a later date).  Those turning in uniforms must inventory all of their "ASU" uniform items; place the pants, jackets w/ all buttons, ties/neck-tabs, skirts, shirts, belts, buckles, awards/decorations, name plate, all rank, beret, brass pins and attachments, uniform buttons, and (keep the socks and T-shirts).  The "ACUs", you can keep the uniform but please return the boots.  Place the ACU Boots and all of the ASU associated items in a large trash bag with your hand written list of all of the items you're returning... inside of the bag.  Final Turn-in instructions will be out soon.
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