Last Updated on 14 August 2020

    Welcome Back - Stay Safe - And Let's Work hard to Stay Focused 


    Let's remember a few things as we get craanking on the new school year:  1) Remote/Online school is going to be challenging for us all so let's stay focused "School is in session" and it should be really high on your list of priorities, 2) Your learniging and growing during this period is your responsibility - I'll do my part and you do yours.  and 3) Together... and over time, we'll get through this thing - there may be a time when ther eis a new normal... we both hope it looks a lot more like the old normal than this does.  Learn about CANVAS right away... - https://vimeo.com/74677642 

    Parents, you should know that your student/cadet is in fact receiving daily JROTC assignments/taskings.  In fact, they're likely getting a week's worth of assignments each monday (or Friday) from four different teachers.  There are a number of ways you can track their progress.. Check out the Corinth Holders HS front page for more information on this.  CANVAS is the primary tool (along with Power School), which I hope you're familiar with)... that We'll be using to conduct our Remote/on-line Instructionals.  Please contact our front office if you need help with school support items (such as a computer or chrome book for your student).

    JROTC assignments will range from Zoom sessions, read/self-teach lessons, assessments, postings, and lots of other options (students answering questions at the end of a lesson, posting or turning in recorded audio or video requirements, discussion questions, conducting research projects and responding, attend video teleconferences, online quizzes/tests, and etc.  Cadets are also required to attend at least one sometimes two JROTC instructor lead video teleconferences per week (These sessions are mostly on Mondays...).  There are even a few tutorials just for parents posted on the School's and coming soon on the JROTC WEB site... to help parents with programs like Canvas, Zoom, and Power School.

    Here are some answers to some of the recent Frequently Asked Questions (Ref CHHS JROTC):

    • JROTC Military Ball - for 2021 is scheduled for March 19th (Right now, subject to change of course) The N. Raleigh Hilton is our selected site. More to follow on this as time moves on.
    • JROTC Ad Booklet/Fundraiser Project - The Ad Booklet project is still ongoing, although the publication date will be pushed back.  Cadets/Parents please continue to sell ads "properly, and with honor and integrity".  More information will be put out at a later date on how/where/when to turn in payment and print ready Ads.
    • JCLC 2021 -  has not been decided as of yet. 
    • JROTC Uniforms will not be issues to LET 1s this semester.  All LET 2s, 3s and 4s are expected to wear them on the designated uniform days (when that time comes)
    • There will be no/"NO" special teams this semester. Not even Color Cuard.  No practices, No competitions, No performances, No support visits or requirements, No trips, and stay tuned for updates on this. 
    •  OUR CREED