*Its Fundraising season... Feb/March

        - We're in need of your support!!

    Our Training focus areas this semester is:

    1) Personal Growth/Back to the Basics 2) Be the example at all times (Be A Role Model) and 3) Re-commit to Excellence


     Upcoming Events (March 2020).....

    Here are some of the important upcoming dates to remember! See calender at the bottom of the JROTC Front Page for more information.


    • Mar 2nd  - PT, Sell Ads, buy Mil Ball Tickets, and Mil Ball Color Guard Practice @ CvHS
    • Mar 3rd   - c/Cmd and Staff Mtg, JROTC Booster Club Meeting (6:30pm in Room 429) and ** 1st JCLC Parent Meeting... 6pm
    • Mar 4th   - Uniform Day - ASUs and Battalion Formation (A-lunch)
    • Mar 5th   - Pro-Dress day
    • Mar 6th   - Drill and Ceremony, Ad Booklet sales $$ due, JCLC meeting - B Lunch
    • Free Weekend - Sell Ads for Memory/Ad Booklet
    • Mar 9th   - Mil Ball ticket prices increase to $35 for cadets/$40 guests, PT, sell ads, Joint Mil Ball Color Guard Practice
    • Mar 10th - c/Cmd and Staff Mtg
    • Mar 11th - Uniform day (ASUs/Polo shirts varied), 10:30 Video Teleconference w/ CvHS ref MilBal
    • Mar 12th - Pro-Dress day
    • Mar 13th - Drill & Ceremony,  JCLC meeting/Trng B-Lunch, Parade prep
    • SATURDAY Mar 14th - St Patricks Day parade (Raleigh) CANCELLED
    • Mar 16th - PT, Parade AAR
    • Mar 17th - c/Cmd and Staff Mtg
    • Mar 19th - Pro Dress
    • Mar 20th - Drill and Ceremony